• April 2021

    April 2021 Editor’s Note

    Editors’ Note By brad kava I don’t know what we would have done through this pandemic without having some of the greatest county parks in the world in our backyard. While our three kids have been sheltered in place, the one break they get is going outside and getting some exercise. Of course the beaches and mountains are great for the teens, but for the 5-year-old, nothing has been better than the range of our local county parks. And as parents, and even for the teens, the parks have been a real meeting place, masks and all. Some say the last place to see society as equals, after high schools,…

  • Brad Kava
    March 2021

    March Editor’s Note

    March Editor’s Note By Brad Kava Teens may be having the toughest time of all during the lockdown. They are in the years where they are starting to break away from their families and enjoy some independence and responsibility. Not to mention, this is the time when hanging out with friends is hugely important to them, and the best thing about being in school is being around peers who influence, teach and share. Instead, they are locked into a Zoom world, right at the age when we are begging them to get off their computers, turn off social media and get out and do things. Well, our writers have found…