Calendar Submissions

GUiSC accepts listings for family-oriented events that are free or cost less than $10, to be considered in the monthly calendar of events. Events costing more than $10 for non-profit organizations or benefits will also be considered. GUiSC does not guarantee that a submitted event will be included in the calendar. The calendar editors will select calendar entries and photos.

Photos for the calendar may be submitted by email. Digital images must be high resolution, 200-300dpi.

Print Calendar Deadline: 15th of the month prior to publication. (i.e. May 15 for June issue)

Letters to the Editor

GUiSC welcomes your letters to the editor and attempts to print as many letters received as possible. GUiSC does reserve the right to edit for length and language. 
Letters may be emailed to [email protected].

Article Submissions

If you would like to submit an article for consideration please email the editor, Brad Kava at [email protected]. Submissions should be written in the third person and not promote an individual business. Please include a one or two sentence bio at the end of the article. If an article is selected for publication we may ask if there are any photos that can be included.

GUiSC receives many article submissions and unfortunately all of them cannot be published.


Short community information announcements are printed in our Pushpin section. These announcements include but are not limited to a local benefit or community event, an accomplishment of a local child or teacher, a family oriented news event. We receive many pushpin submissions each month and are not able to print them all. If you would like to submit a pushpin please email to [email protected].