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Growing Up in Santa Cruz is Santa Cruz County’s very own monthly publication for parents. Growing Up in Santa Cruz is the most effective local vehicle for reaching this niche market; parents, grandparents an those who work with children.

Readers Get…

Smart, responsible, current, diverse and respectful parenting information

in the form of articles, guides, editorial columns, and resource lists. We

also feature a complete month-long calendar of local family events.


Advertisers Get…

A fresh, innovative, direct approach to marketing to the parent population.

You won’t waste money advertising to readers, TV viewers, or radio listeners

who are not your potential customers. In fact, our readers proclaim our ads

to be as important a resource to them as the editorial information we provide.

The business of providing for their children and themselves, as well as supporting

a household and everything that goes with it, makes a parent’s role as consumer

an important one.


The mission of Growing Up in Santa Cruz is to help create a happy, healthy community

of families in Santa Cruz County by providing supportive information and resources to

parents. So while you can rest assured your ad will be reaching all the right people you

can also take pride in the fact that you are part of a project with integrity.