May 2023

Editor’s Note

One of my main reasons for buying this magazine four years ago was to help me be a better parent. With all of the experts writing for us and all the input from families across the county, I figured I could get answers to all the questions I had about raising my now 7-year-old son.

It turns out, however, I have far more questions than answers. I guess, like all families, I feel like I’m guessing about what to do and hoping I get it right.

I’ve got challenges and questions and would love some feedback from you readers. Consider it a homework assignment and think about how much you can help other parents struggling to find answers.

And please show your work. In other words, give us examples of what you’ve seen that shaped your opinions.

How do you know whether your child should skip a grade or stay back?

Private or public school? What’s been your best experience with each?

What do you like or dislike about charter schools?

Is the newer trend of having kids with special needs in mainstream classrooms a benefit or a problem?

Is college still relevant and necessary?

What do you do with your kids during the summer? If you send them to camp, how do you decide which one?

Does your school have enough extracurricular activities, like band, art, music, sports, drama?

Speaking of sports: do we put too much emphasis on it in school and could the money be better spent on more academic or cultural activities?

Is the isolation from the covid pandemic still affecting students?

Are teachers too easy or too hard on students?

How much homework is enough—and should students even have homework?
Should students be required to be bilingual?

We spend so much money on the education system, yet teachers are so underpaid, many are leaving. What are we doing wrong?

That’s just a start. I’ve got a million of them. If one or more of them stirs a passion, please send us a letter to [email protected] and we will print them.

Santa Cruz County School Superintendent Faris Sabbah will answer your questions in a new column starting next school year.

Brad Kava,
Editor and Publisher

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