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    How much do you know about music?

    Take the quiz for your chance to win tickets to Santa Cruz Symphony’s Family Concert! March 27, 2022 – Civic Auditorium | 2:00 PM Carnegie Hall’s Link Up program introduces students to the orchestra by helping them to become a part of it. Through this highly participatory program, students learn to sing and play an instrument in the classroom and perform with a professional orchestra from their seats at a culminating concert. *Winners will be notified by email on February 25.

  • January 2022

    Independent Schools Open Houses

    Gateway School K-8TUE & WED | JAN 11 & 12 | 9AM – 12PM255 Swift Street, Santa Cruz(831) 423-0341 | [email protected] and learn how Gateway School inspires children’s innate curiosity and sense of wonder through daily exploration, discovery, and hands-on experiences. Visit www.gatewaysc.org to schedule a tour. Santa Catalina SchoolSUN | JAN 16 | 10:30-11AM1500 Mark Thomas Drive, Monterey(831) 655-9356 | [email protected] Get a tour of campus, meet our students as they engage in the programs they love, and hear from students and faculty about life at Catalina! RSVPs are required. Visti us at santacatalina.org Spring Hill SchoolTHUR | JAN 20 | 6 PM250 California Street, Santa CruzSpringHillSchool.org/open-house-calendarJoin Spring Hill…

  • January 2022

    Independent Schools Review

    Independent Schools Serve the Whole Child By Suki Wessling At these independent schools, there’s a helping hand next to every potential crack, waiting to give a student a hand up. January is our Independent Schools issue, and every time I write an article for this issue, I’m reminded of my own family’s search for education that suited our kids’ needs. At one point another parent said to me, “We’re just sending our kids to the neighborhood school; we’re not picky about education.” But it isn’t always pickiness that sends parents looking for alternatives—it’s necessity. Although we often talk as if most kids are some imagined “average” student, all of us…

  • January 2022

    Empowering Youth

    Empowering Youth and Addressing Bullying From Bystander to Upstander By Jessica Zovar In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. – Martin Luther King, Jr. I remember walking the halls as a timid sixth grader, hearing unkind words directed toward others echoing off the walls, and fearful that standing up for myself or others against hurtful words could have major implications. Let’s be honest; middle school is not always the friendliest of landscapes. Often the dreamy-eyed wonder of childhood is waning, identities are on shaky ground and youth yearn for belonging and acceptance from their peers.  As a licensed marriage and…

  • January 2022

    New Year Local Artist

    Joaquin Cruz Local Artist My name is Joaquin Cruz, I’m 17 and currently a senior at SLVHS. I’m what feels like inches away from the end of high school which is somewhat terrifying but at least that means I’m growing. The paintings and art I do has meaning and no meaning, it really varies. While painting, sketching, testing different mediums regardless of how it looks, etc. I did my best to create somewhat of a surreal look, even though that look and mindset changed frequently. The majority of my art revolves around the themes of my ethnicity, how I see myself (portraits), how I see the political climates during the…

  • January 2022

    Self Esteem in Teens

    Secret to Building Self-Esteem in Teens By Susan Tatsui-D’Arcy Being a teen today has many complexities that the rest of us old folks never had to maneuver. We didn’t have 18 months of social isolation where most of our interpersonal interactions were spent perusing social media posts. We didn’t have bullies who hid behind digital screens while they blasted hateful messages and photos to us for everyone to see. Most of the teens I work with today suffer from depression and devastating self-esteem issues. Teens so desperately need to receive affirmations to feel that they’re normal. Whether it’s knowing that their favorite sweatshirt looks good on them or that they’re…

  • January 2022

    Love Birth Matters

    Love, the Best Drug of All By Laura Maxson LM Love – it’s something you want in big doses during labor. Feeling loved and being loving, both help release the hormone oxytocin – the fuel that runs the engine of labor. Pulsing into the bloodstream from the posterior pituitary gland, oxytocin goes directly into the brain, triggering the release of endorphins (nature’s opiates) as it also finds oxytocin receptors in the uterus, causing contractions. Oxytocin and endorphins go hand in hand in labor, resulting in a cycle of oxytocin release, answered by heightened endorphin levels. As labor progresses, the laboring person sinks further and further into their body, deepening their…