• October 2020

    Bree Karpavage

    Bree Karpavage Local Artist Local artist, Bree Karpavage uses the timeless art form of cut and paste collage as a way to process life. She fondly calls it her “soul work” and uses collage as a way to empower, heal and express her personal growth. Using mostly magazines both vintage and new, she cuts images that resonate with her and later combines them to create simple yet powerful artwork. “When I collage, I get in a zone…it’s hard to describe, I’m able to check out for a bit and tap into a more spiritual, heart centered space. That for me is empowering.” Bree lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, is…

  • October 2020

    The New Downtown Library is a Win

    The New Downtown Library is a Win For Children, Teens, and Students By Martín Gómez, Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries As a library professional, I’ve seen, (and have had a hand in helping), public libraries evolve into places that build and foster civic pride, support community engagement and serve as a safe place for children, teens, and families. On September 11, 2001, I was the director of the Brooklyn Public Library. That day brings back difficult, but also inspiring memories that affirmed my understanding about the important value public libraries play during difficult times. Those of us who ran public institutions in New York City were faced with…

  • October 2020

    Tips for Supporting Distance Learning

    Tips for Supporting Distance Learning By Nicole M. Young, MSW When I was in college, I would not have enjoyed living and learning at my parents’ house. Even when I was in high school, I would’ve been miserable if all my classes were online since school was my social lifeline. Now, my house is a home/office/high school/college campus for two working parents, two students, two cats, and a never-ending pile of dirty dishes and laundry. I’m fortunate that my kids don’t need constant supervision, and they’ve learned to manage their own schedules and schoolwork. If you read my articles from several years ago, you’d know this was not always the…

  • October 2020

    The State of the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market

    The State of the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market BY seb frey 2020 has proven to be a year like none in living memory, and with a contentious presidential election right around the corner, you know it’s going to get stranger. Yet in the midst of a global pandemic, nationwide civil unrest, and the sudden loss of many millions of jobs…a strange thing has happened to the Santa Cruz real estate market. The year started off strong. The fourth quarter of 2019 saw a market that was flagging–homes were taking longer to sell, and many sellers were making painful price reductions to get their homes sold before the holidays. But…

  • October 2020

    Save Money Keep Your Computer Humming

    Save Money and Keep Your Computer Humming by Luigi Oppido School is back in but your machine’s not running right! What can you do? Let’s go over these few steps that you can take on both your Mac and your PC to make sure that things are in the right place! That way when you start your machine, it’ll be there when you need it. One of the first things you can do is make sure the machine has not been asleep. This goes for both Mac and PC. This includes closing the screen and opening the screen (1 sleep cycle) or not going to the shut down button on…

  • October 2020,  Uncategorized

    Is Halloween Really Canceled?

    Is Halloween Really Canceled? BY christy shults Online neighborhood groups are filled with Halloween protest post. Has Halloween really been canceled? It is not. Like everything else this year, Halloween will look different from usual. Large groups are still not allowed, and this will dramatically affect parties and trick-or-treating. We posed the question to our readers and received a wide range of responses, along with some great suggestions on how to keep the magic alive. I think this year is for decorations! Let people walk or drive by and enjoy whatever spooky or fun creations you can put together. I’m so sad, I love Halloween and I love trick-or-treating with…

  • September 2020

    Build Your Classroom

    Build Your Home Classroom BY Jhoneé Fillmore As we enter another school year, we may need to be prepared for full or partial distance learning. Do you need some ideas on how to physically set up your “home classroom” in order to make it a feel-good and efficient learning environment, even if this is a temporary setup? You know your child and home best so mix and match ideas that will best suit you and don’t forget that if something isn’t working… mix it up again. Set Up BaseWith some experience from the end of the school year, I suggest setting up a base location for your students. This is…

  • September 2020

    Family Computing Bits

    Family Computing Bits By Luigi Oppido Hello, Everyone! My name is Luigi Oppido, owner/operator of Pleasure Point Computers and the new host of the super-special tech column here in Growing Up in Santa Cruz! Every month we’re going to open up this section to questions that you have about your technology, your computer, your phone, and anything that has an on switch! We will discuss it! You can reach me by email at [email protected] for any of your tech questions! What kind of things are coming up in the new year that will help you with school? What are some of the pitfalls that you can fall into when being…

  • September 2020


    Coping and Recovering After Traumatic Events BY Nicole M. Young, MSW When I started writing this month’s article, the biggest concern for many parents was starting the new school year with distance learning because of rising COVID-19 cases. Families and educators alike were worried about teaching and learning and working from home – or, for many families, wondering how to keep their kids safe during the virtual school day while they had to work outside of the home. It was a daunting challenge only a couple weeks ago, but now it’s been compounded by the devastating effects of the wildfires. My heart goes out to all those who lost their…

  • September 2020

    Baby Photo Contest

    Your baby could be on the cover of our October issue! Sponsored by Beth Lillienthal Postpartum Doula SantaCruzBabyDoula.com see contest rules below You know you have the cutest baby in the world and now you can let the world see. Enter by Sept. 14. We’ll have voting at here Sept. 15-18. One vote per person. Must be under 1 year old and born in Santa Cruz County. ENTER CONTEST