June 2024

Want Free Childcare in Your Home?

If you’ve got a toddler or preschooler, finding quality childcare is probably an ongoing concern. Today, millennials spend more time with their children than any previous generation, and with their flexible work schedules, they need childcare that works for the

When I was in your shoes (many moons ago), I stressed out about how to give my girls an enriching experience while I worked during the day. I didn’t want them to sit in front of a TV, and today, I wouldn’t want them to be glued to a smartphone.

After checking out preschools and daycare programs to no avail, I set up childcare in my home so I could be with my girls yet still have the ability to work in my home office.

When my eldest daughter was 18 months old, I set up a preschool program for her and another girl the same age. After my youngest daughter was born 4 years later, I set up 2 programs (one for each of them) where they had a few playmates and a wonderful teacher who engaged them all day. This allowed me to customize a program that my girls loved and met all of my high expectations for academics, socialization, arts, and sports!

First, I created a curriculum that made learning how to read, do math, and play with science FUN! Then I added games, activities, and field trips. I got to choose the materials and teachers, and set the rules! They learned to read before they turned 3! Knowing what my girls loved to do, it was easy to create a monthly plan.

Second, the other children’s families paid preschool tuition to me, which covered all of my expenses to run the program: teacher wages, books, games, educational materials, sports equipment, and more. So, I got FREE childcare in my home! It was amazing.

Third, I set the schedule to meet my needs. Because I worked from home, I didn’t need to wake the girls at 6am. Instead, my girls slept in and ate breakfast in their PJs. I set hours for preschool to work around their naptimes. We didn’t have to rush out every morning to get to daycare during rush hour, and in the afternoon, they could take naps in their own beds.

The girls looked forward to preschool on Mondays-Thursdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. When it was their naptimes, the other children went home. Working around my girls’ schedules, I had the teacher start early to make breakfast, do the laundry, and get dinner prepped. After the program ended at 2:00, she would do light house cleaning and prepare dinner.

I guess I was a millennial before my time! By having free childcare in my home, I enjoyed being with my girls throughout the day and I ran a successful business in my home office.

I just wrote the 2nd edition of my book that shows millennials how to set up a program for their families. Check out The Millennial’s Guide to Free Child Care in Your Home.

Susan Tatsui-D’Arcy is the founder of Merit Academy (one-on-one classes) and Merit Educational Consultants (college and educational advisory). She has written books on projects, free child care, education, and parenting. Susan hosts TEDxMeritAcademy for students to present their innovative projects and solutions. In 2019, she was California Mother of the Year.meritworld.com

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