April 2023

Editor’s Note

This month we take on one of the biggest challenges parents face every summer: how do I decide where to send the kids to summer camp?

The good news and the bad news are the same: there are so many great options to choose from, how do I stick to only one or two?

We are considerably lucky here. A recent article in the Washington Post described a real struggle, with parents having to get kids into camps that book up instantly and competing against thousands of families for a small number of spaces.

In Santa Cruz, we have a huge variety of types of camps and price ranges—many featured in this issue. Browse through, fill out a score card and make your decisions.

If that’s not enough to help you, we are part of Kids Day, which is held Saturday, April 29, downtown Santa Cruz from noon to 4pm on Cooper Street and Pacific Avenue. There will be many exhibitors specializing in children’s activities. It’s a great afternoon, a real chance to take back Santa Cruz and focus on children and families.

The kids have loved it every year and it keeps growing, thanks to the efforts of the Downtown Association. You’ll see firsthand what schools and camps in the area are offering.

Lastly, you can get feedback about camps from campers and parents on the Growing Up in Santa Cruz Facebook page. Drop your thoughts and reviews there to help guide other families seeking out the best camps for their kids. Tell us what you loved and maybe didn’t love as much so others can get tips.
You can also bring your teens to Kids Day so they can find summer and after school jobs. The market is rich with employers, including the area’s biggest teen employer, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We need to do an article about how many successful grownups got their start working there. How many of you started there?

So far my kids have learned to sew and design clothes, acted in plays and movies, learned about animals in the wild, learned to paint like the masters, studied tumbling and gymnastics, created arts and crafts, tried juggling and “useless” circus arts that they LOVED and will impress their peers with for the rest of their lives.

(Where are the camps for grown ups? I want to go.)

Some other things you should read in this issue include advice from kids about how to help save the Earth for Earth Day celebrated this month, thoughts on when and whether to give a kid a cell phone, help preparing for the next floods and a look at our recent science fair.

You’ll also get thoughts from one of our favorite people, Santa Cruz Mayor Fred Keeley. It’s a real page turner and one of the great things about having a magazine in print, rather than just on the internet, is that you can hang onto it for the whole month and catch up on the articles and ads at your leisure.
And don’t forget our calendar and guides, keeping you informed about everything you can do in April and the rest of the year.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this issue and if you have suggestions, comments or feedback, send them to [email protected]

Brad Kava,
Editor and Publisher

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