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    December 2018

    Holidays Without Plastic

    Holidays Without Plastic By Lisa Catterall If the year 2020 has taught me one thing, it’s to be less judgmental. We’ve all been through loss and fear and seen our friends and family handle it in so many different ways. It’s a year to grow and a year to try new things. My family is enjoying using the extra time at home to start our preparations for the holidays early. I love the traditions of the season. I am from Minnesota and we always hunkered down in the freezing weather and made a very busy Christmas. My grandmother had lived through the Great Depression and it meant so much to…

  • Growing Up in Santa Cruz
    December 2018

    Editor’s Note December 2018

    Editor’s Note: December 2018 We know it’s early, but we’re starting to think about New Year’s resolutions beyond the usual cutting down on sugar and carbs, getting lots of exercise, making sure the kids are getting the best educations and after school activities. This year’s biggest resolution is to focus more on the planet. Yeah, it sounds like some hippy-dippy stuff, but the federal environmental report that came out on Black Friday, was truly frightening. Not to mention watching natural disasters explode in our faces in the state and across the country as homes burn and floods ravage. It’s easy to forget about being green, especially when you are squiring…

  • December 2018

    Your Letters and Thoughts: Decemeber 2018

    Your Letters and Thoughts: December 2018 Help immigrant kids The Children’s Movement wanted to share with you and Growing Up in Santa Cruz a proposed new rule made by the Trump Administration that could penalize families in their immigration proceedings if they use critical public benefits, such as Medicaid for food-stamps. Nearly half of California’s children live in immigrant families, meaning that this rule would do deep harm to families that make up the very fabric of California. It will force families to choose between providing basic needs for their children and keeping their families together. Right now, we have an opportunity to oppose this rule by submitting comments through an official notice-and-comment…

  • December 2018

    Refuse: Green Tips

    Refuse: Green Tips Our busy lifestyles often make is hard to “be green”.  We each do what we can.  One of the simplest things we can all do, no matter our pace of life or budget, is to simply refuse to allow single-use plastics or other easily disposable items to enter into our lives.  Plastic is a miraculous material- it lasts thousands of years and costs almost nothing to make. But sadly, the vast majority of plastic waste actually can’t be recycled, including straws, coffee cups and lids, and most food packaging. This is a recipe for disaster for our landfills and oceans, which are being filled with plastic and…

  • December 2018

    New Monthly Feature: Green Family Living!

    New Monthly Feature: Green Family Living! NEW MONTHLY FEATURE! Green Family Living is Growing Up in Santa Cruz’s new monthly feature—and we need you to help us out. We will feature tips each month to help families do their part to live responsibly in a warming planet. What does your family do to save gas? What do you do to bring down your utility bills? Do you have a great water conservation tip? How about a tip on how to get your kids to turn off lights when they leave the room? Please email your tips to [email protected]. We would also like to feature businesses that help families make green…

  • Santa Cruz dentists
    December 2018

    Children’s Teeth: Why Do Some Molars Grow so Soft? Healthy Smiles: December 2018

    Children’s Teeth: Why Do Some Molars Grow Soft? Healthy Smiles: December 2018 Dr. Megan Normally our teeth are protected by a very strong layer called enamel that protects the pulp tissue or nerve inside the tooth. Enamel owes its qualities to the significant amount of calcium phosphate and hydroxyapetite. Hypomineralization or hypocalcification is a tooth condition where enamel and dentine (the outer and middle layers of the tooth) are softer than normal. The condition is notable at eruption of these teeth. It may affect one to four molars, and in some cases the incisors (front teeth), could be affected. Unfortunately, this condition can make it more likely for the tooth…

  • toddler teeth health
    December 2018

    Birth Matters: December 2018

    Birth Matters: December 2018 By Laura Maxson, LM Any parent blindsided by a toddler’s unexpected need for extensive dental work knows how shocking this news can be.  But it happens more often than most parents know.  It’s good to start learning about those baby teeth before they appear. Get to the dentist before there is a problem This provides an opportunity to discuss good dental health habits and troubleshoot issues specific to your child.   The American Dental Association recommends a first visit six months after the first tooth appears or by age one.  According to the study, Age at and reasons for the first dental visit (link below), parents…

  • santa cruz video game gift guide
    December 2018

    Worlds of Wonder for all Ages Your Video Game Gift Guide: Gamer Life: December 2018

    Worlds of Wonder for all Ages Your Video Game Gift Guide: Gamer Life: December 2018 By Ricky Chavez The holidays are finally here and video game companies are in fierce competition to make into your home and onto your TV screens. Each company shows off the best parts of its games to make it look fun, but how do you know which game is the right choice? Unfortunately, Fortnite is already free so it’s not going be that easy. Here are games I enjoyed very much this year and think any person would also enjoy regardless of age. For kids 6 and under I recommend Spyro Reignited Trilogy. The original…

  • Santa Cruz amusement parks
    December 2018

    A Look Back at 2018’s New Rides Holiday Events on Tap for December: Always Amused: December 2018

    A Look Back at 2018’s New Rides Holiday Events on Tap for December: Always Amused: December 2018 By Erik Chalhoub As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect back on the new rides I experienced this year at California theme parks, while also get excited for the new-for-2019 attractions that are right around the corner. Instead of a traditional “top five new rides list,” I’m doing something slightly different. Even though I have a clear favorite coaster and worst coaster, ranking rides, for me, has become too muddy and constantly changes as the years, and sometimes weeks, go on. Here are my “awards” for 2018: BEST NEW OLD…

  • Bicycle Gifts in Santa Cruz
    December 2018

    Holiday Gift Guide for the Cyclists in Your Life

    Holiday Gift Guide for the Cyclists in Your Life By Karen Kefauver During my 20+ years of cycling in Santa Cruz, our local bikes shops have earned a special place in my heart — and in my social life. In addition to providing bike maintenance, repairs and advice on new products and where to ride, local shops have hosted movie nights, bike skills clinics, showcased authors, sponsored bike teams and developed programs for kids. I rarely miss a fun event at a bike shop! Our bike shops support us, so let’s support them this holiday season. Whether you are buying an e-bike, which tops many lists, or a bike bell,…

  • santa cruz holiday gift guide
    December 2018

    Think Holiday, Buy Locally

    Think Holiday, Buy Locally By Delphine Burns As the holidays approach, it’s tempting to scour Amazon for easy gifts for friends and family. Although online shopping can be enticing, Santa Cruz County is full of unique gift-giving potential. Instead of browsing online this year, support local businesses, find special gifts and explore your community all at once. This gift guide highlights local businesses countywide to help you bring a little piece of Santa Cruz County to your holiday celebrations. Santa Cruz Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge If you need to get creative in a time crunch, Petroglyph is the place for you. At this local paint-it-yourself pottery studio, simply select a piece…

  • Santa Cruz Kid Entrepreneurs
    December 2018

    Around Town: December 2018

    Around Town: December 2018 Young Entrepreneurs Unite! The Kids Craft Fair at the Boys and Girls Club What if you could find a school that would teach your child applied creativity, organizational skills, project management, math, money skills, entrepreneurship, social skills, and marketing… all in three hours? Look no further than the annual Kids Craft Fair at the Boys and Girls Club in downtown Santa Cruz the first Saturday of December. Each year this event draws kids from all over the county who make and sell holiday gifts and food. And if you go as a shopper, don’t think of it as charity. These kids aren’t kidding when it comes…

  • christmas and divorce
    December 2018

    How to Handle the Holidays Through Divorce

    How to Handle the Holidays Through Divorce By Bob Derber For newly separated parents and for veterans of divorced parenting, the holidays always present challenges for mom and dad. Perhaps you have a custodial order in place that specifies when each parent has the children during holidays.   These orders sometimes only address the day of the holiday itself and not the entire vacation period. Often, the order was made long ago and does not account for current circumstances. Holiday family visits and travel opportunities may conflict with your order. It is also a time of parent-teacher conferences and holiday school events, like a Christmas play, where separated parents will…

  • gender binary definition
    December 2018

    “Gender is Not a Binary” What does that mean?

    “Gender is Not a Binary” What does that mean? In biology class, you probably learned that males have one X and one Y chromosome, and that females have two X chromosomes. That’s right…sometimes. In fact, gender and sex are much more complex than that simple explanation. Although we don’t have space here to explain in detail, here are some bullet points that may help you see the complexity of gender, and why it isn’t “just one or the other.” Most humans who appear “male” have one X and one Y chromosome Most who appear “female” have two X chromosomes Some who appear “female” who were born with one X and…

  • relaxing life
    December 2018

    Your New American Dream: A Simple, Uncluttered Life

    Your New American Dream: A Simple, Uncluttered Life No matter how you look at it, today’s American life is anything but simple. Our lives are busy, demanding and complicated. Just negotiating the coordination of the weekly family schedule can bring on a headache. Who will take Johnny to his soccer practice while someone else attends Sarah’s music recital? When can the dental appointment fit into your work schedule? Add to that the complexity of our technological world with constant tweets, texts and phone calls. Our calendars may be right there on our phones, but how in the world can we actually do all the things listed and reserve any quality…