December 2018

Your Letters and Thoughts: December 2018

Help immigrant kids

The Children’s Movement wanted to share with you and Growing Up in Santa Cruz a proposed new rule made by the Trump Administration that could penalize families in their immigration proceedings if they use critical public benefits, such as Medicaid for food-stamps. 

Nearly half of California’s children live in immigrant families, meaning that this rule would do deep harm to families that make up the very fabric of California. It will force families to choose between providing basic needs for their children and keeping their families together.

Right now, we have an opportunity to oppose this rule by submitting comments through an official notice-and-comment period. By leaving a comment on the proposed rule, Growing Up in Santa Cruz and you can help prevent the rule from coming into existence. Any member of the public can leave a comment, so we encourage you and the team members of your organization to leave a comment!

The Children’s Movement wants to help you leave a comment; by clicking here you can see examples of opposition comments, draft your comment, and post it. Help us stop this proposed rule from hurting the well-being of children in immigrant families!

Thank you,

Colleen Kinstler–The Children’s Movement

Community Voices: Thoughts on the loss of Toys R Us

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Local stores like Bookshop Santa Cruz have fun and creative toy selections! It’s not the same as having big aisles of every model to choose from, but maybe we can shop local when possible and order online when we can’t. 

Sarah Harmon, on the Growing Up in Santa Cruz Facebook page.

How do you handle political differences at the holiday table?

My family is half and half… (cue Harry Potter music) & we agree not to talk politics at family gatherings. We talk about everything else.

Charlotte Thornbrugh, via Facebook

Don’t talk politics. I voted for Trump and my brother thinks all Republicans are the devil and Obama was the greatest president ever. We don’t talk politics or his obvious mental condition.

Bryan Logie, via Facebook

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