Growing Up in Santa Cruz
December 2018

Editor’s Note: December 2018

Growing Up in Santa Cruz

We know it’s early, but we’re starting to think about New Year’s resolutions beyond the usual cutting down on sugar and carbs, getting lots of exercise, making sure the kids are getting the best educations and after school activities.

This year’s biggest resolution is to focus more on the planet. Yeah, it sounds like some hippy-dippy stuff, but the federal environmental report that came out on Black Friday, was truly frightening.

Not to mention watching natural disasters explode in our faces in the state and across the country as homes burn and floods ravage.

It’s easy to forget about being green, especially when you are squiring a household of kids around, running from one event to another. If only there was some good advice and an easier way, we find ourselves thinking.

Well, coincidentally, two great writers proposed green family columns for Growing Up in Santa Cruz and we are taking them both.  They have tips with little and big things we can do to be more careful with the Earth.  One even has a business called Zero that promotes cutting waste. We love it. The other is gathering input from Santa Cruzans about how we can be more environmental.  We know California, and particularly Santa Cruz have long been on the cutting edge of environmentalism.

Check them out, let us know what you think, and send in your advice to [email protected]. We’ll print it.

We’ve also got a new family law column starting this month, with advice for how to handle divorce at this joyful time.  You can read the first one on our website, Our video game writer celebrates the best of the year and gives gift ideas. We’ve got local gift suggestions, places that sell handmade goods and places to see the Nutcracker.

Thanks for reading and making this a great 2018. All the best for a peaceful, prosperous and educational 2019.

Jennifer Ford

Brad Kava


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