December 2018

New Monthly Feature: Green Family Living!


Green Family Living is Growing Up in Santa Cruz’s new monthly feature—and we need you to help us out. We will feature tips each month to help families do their part to live responsibly in a warming planet.

  • What does your family do to save gas?
  • What do you do to bring down your utility bills?
  • Do you have a great water conservation tip?
  • How about a tip on how to get your kids to turn off lights when they leave the room?

Please email your tips to [email protected]. We would also like to feature businesses that help families make green choices so please contact us about your business.

This month:

Q: I recycle, but it’s always better to reuse. Do you have some cool ideas for how to reuse newspaper?

A: Ideas? Do we have ideas? Well…

  • “Use them to wrap presents.” (Tami Huntley)
  • “Make homemade paper by putting it in a blender with water.” (Suki Wessling)
  • “Liners for pet cages.” (Heddi Craft)
  • “Papier mâché!” (Rebecca Coakley)
  • “We often use the funnies for wrapping paper, and we lay old newspaper down on the ground or the table when we do messy projects.” (Meredith Allen)
  • “Fire starter out here in rural Nevada.” (Lura Hooper Camp)
  • “We made a piñata covering cardboard with glue paste and strips of newspapers.” (Amy Raedeke)
  • “Under mulch in the garden as weed barrier.” (Monica Pielage and Ken Foster)
  • “Compost!” (Valerie Morgan)
  • “Donate it to a teacher! I use it to cover tables and wrap clay projects.” (Barb Matessa)
  • More uses for teachers: “Rolling into wands to make projects like engineering bridges or tables.. Or papier mâché covering balloons with liquid starch or flour and water and paper ripped into small bits.” (Darlene Wilcox)
  • “Make gowns! This photo of Alternative Family Education students was taken at a Project Runway workshop at Southern Oregon University.” (Jasmin Gerer)

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