Bicycle Gifts in Santa Cruz
December 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for the Cyclists in Your Life

Karen Kefauver

By Karen Kefauver

During my 20+ years of cycling in Santa Cruz, our local bikes shops have earned a special place in my heart — and in my social life. In addition to providing bike maintenance, repairs and advice on new products and where to ride, local shops have hosted movie nights, bike skills clinics, showcased authors, sponsored bike teams and developed programs for kids. I rarely miss a fun event at a bike shop!

Bicycle Gifts in Santa Cruz

Our bike shops support us, so let’s support them this holiday season. Whether you are buying an e-bike, which tops many lists, or a bike bell, shop in Santa Cruz County and check out these fun gift ideas from local experts!

Keep Your Phone Handy

Spokesman Bicycles, Wade Hall, Owner

Our phones don’t have to be stuffed into our pockets. Mobile phone storage bags, (EXP Series Toptube Bag) mounted on the bike’s top tube, are becoming more popular. Handlebar phone mounts (XL Smartphone Holder) are also useful for tracking GPS and Strava data while riding.

More ideas:

  • Micro tools; “They’re always a hit!”
  • Gloves and socks; “Every cyclist goes through them.”

Be Seen and Be Heard

Bicycle Trip, Mike Moore, General Manager

Bike bells can be fun and make cycling safer especially if you’re shy about shouting on a bike path. Check out different styles of the Knog Oi Bike Bell.

More ideas:

Light up the night: Dayblazer 800 Front + Dayblazer 65 Rear Light Set.

  • Head Thingy by Castelli. Warms your head, neck or face warm.

Tune Up Your Bike

Family Cycling Center, John Brown, Owner

Tune-ups will restore your bike to its original glory or at least get it up to speed! Ranging from a basic tune up ($60), to full tune up ($90) to pro tune up ($150), getting your chain, tires, brakes, tubes and cables (and more) will make you more confident in your riding. Or get a bike fitting, an in-depth, hands-on analysis of how your bike fits and what to do to make it better.

Eyes on the Prize

Epicenter Cycling, Shawn Wilson, Owner

Eyewear for cyclists is a great form of safety protection. Consider the lens quality and color, (a clear lens can be handy for nighttime protection) frame style and whether the frame is designed to swap out multiple lenses. And of course you want to look stylish!

Super Stocking Stuffers

Scotts Valley Cycle Sport, Brittany Cavaletto, Owner

Get on a roll with gift ideas: Water bottles, nutrition/energy gels, spare tubes, flat repair kits, tire pressure gauge, arm and leg warmers and tires, (check tire size!).

More ideas:

  • Bike lock (perfect to use at home or in garage): Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1016 Integrated Chain
  • Repair stand, Feedback Sports Pro-Ultralight Repair Stand

Fun Odds and Ends

Watsonville Cyclery suggests a few things that may not have come to mind, like a tubeless tackle kit, $11.00, lock-on grips for handlebars, $25.00, and a bicycle saddle bag with CO2 and multi-tool, $50.00. At Another Bike Shop or Current eBikes, gift a rental of a high performance bike. Check for availability of same day, overnight or a two-day rentals.

Last But Not Least

Memberships to Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County Cycling Club or a donation to Trips for Kids are ideal gifts! For a full list of local shops, visit


Karen Kefauver is a freelance journalist, social media coach and cycling-obsessed Santa Cruzan since 1993. Read her adventure cycling stories:

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