• Art of Observation Workshop

    Stanford University will be donating 100 Foldscopes, paper microscopes with 140x magnification, to participants of this free workshop at Studio Judy G on July 22. Our goal is to inspire the next generation by distributing and training these microscopes to students and educators in the local area.

  • World Arts Festival 2024

    Celebrate the diversity and richness of our community at this year’s World Arts Festival! On Sunday June 23rd from 1-5PM, Tannery World Dance & Cultural Center offers free family-friendly performances outdoors at the Tannery Arts Center. The festival includes dance and music performances by new and beloved Santa Cruz and Bay Area artists, including White Hawk Indian Council, Antara Asthaayi Dance, Raizes do Brasil Capoeira, Senderos, and more. Artisans and vendors will be selling traditional crafts and wares, with food and beverages from Areparia831 and My Mom’s Mole.

  • Spring Art Market at Tannery Arts Center

    Join us for a vibrant celebration of art, music, and community at the Spring Art Market! Hosted by the Arts Council Santa Cruz County, this free family-friendly event features an array of local artisans and makers showcasing their unique creations. Explore captivating artworks, enjoy live music performances, indulge in delicious food from food trucks, and engage in fun children’s activities. With something for everyone, the Spring Art Market promises a memorable experience for all. Don’t miss out!

  • The SLV Music & Art Festival

    The 3rd annual SLV Music & Art Festival is an outdoor, community event that features performances by: SLVHS choir and bands, SLVMS bands, SLV Nature Academy Band, SLVE and BCE 5th grade bands, and the SLV Community Band! There is an art show and sale (by donation) put on by the SLVHS Art Department! There will be multiple food trucks and also silent and live auctions that support the SLV Music Boosters. Please come and celebrate community while supporting our growing student musicians and artists!

  • Kids Collage Workshop

    Join us for an art workshop themed around sea otter conservation, featuring local artist Tina Fuller Somers! Participants will learn fun facts about sea otters, explore block printing and collage techniques, and help create a community art piece that will display in the Sanctuary Exploration Center for the month of May. This event is open to all ages but geared towards kids aged 8-12. This event is free but registration is required and space is limited. To register, email the Exploration Center team at: [email protected]

  • First Friday Boulder Creek

    A free monthly mountain street fair in the name of creation & community. Local art, music and food lining the sidewalks of historic downtown Boulder Creek, California A Family friendly event – please visit our website for more details.

  • Tannery Arts Center Winter Art Market 2023

    A Festive Celebration of Local Art and Culture The Tannery Arts Center welcomes you to experience the world of local artistry and creativity at the 11th annual Winter Art Market. This heartwarming celebration is not just an event; it’s an immersive creative experience. Discover local artistry, engage with our vibrant community, and support the creative entrepreneurs who make our town flourish. New Highlights This Year: Join Josefina Rocha and youth students from the Arts Council Mariposa teaching artist program, for a free and fun craft activity alongside a youth art exhibit. Enjoy an exciting lineup of musicians curated by Everyone’s Music School. Experience the offerings of Kintsugi, a new culinary…

  • October 2022

    John McKinley

    John McKinley Local Artist Hello! I’m a cartoonist and illustrator from Aptos specializing in fun and quirky characters. My work has appeared in many publications, including the picture book Monster Academy and the popular Ready, Freddy series from Scholastic Books. I started drawing at a very early age and always knew I wanted to be an artist. Drawing skills improve with practice, so I recommend kids keep a sketchbook handy. When you fill up one sketchbook , start a new one! You can really see improvement over time. I will be participating in the Santa Cruz Arts Council Open Studios Tour in October. I’ll be open the weekends of Oct.…

  • June 2022

    June’s Local Artist

    Madisyn Huntress Hein I’m a recent SLVHS graduate attending Cabrillo College. I’ve lived all over the Santa Cruz Mountain areas. My interest in art started at a young age, and my first art teacher, Lisa Alexander, sparked my passion for creating art. She was encouraging and helped me believe in myself as an artist at a young age. Many of my skills are self-taught, with some instruction from various high school art teachers. I paint mostly plant life and landscapes. I also enjoy focusing on bringing my imagination of fairies and magic to life. I’ve been oil painting on and off since my sophomore year of high school. While I…

  • May 2022

    Encaustic Paintings

    Encaustic Paintings by Terry Dowell I have been swept away by the challenges and immense rewards of educating and inspiring people that somehow find their way to me. The thrill of offering an opportunity to enliven the creative spirit in the lives of my students is a lifetime dream. My intent is simple…paint for myself, teach workshops and, of course, show my art to the public and allow my art to flow out into the world. I have been painting and creating all my life…over 50 years now. I invented myself as an artist by way of workshops and courses throughout the United States. Largely self-taught in a variety of…

  • April 2022

    Ashton Reedy

    Ashton Reedy Local Artist My name is Ashton Reedy, and I am 17, almost 18. I have lived all over the world, and everywhere I have been, there have always been two things in common: good food and amazing art. While I am not a great cook, I love making art, and I’ve been drawing since I was very little, from monsters to costume designs. It’s been a long road. I started off with just small sketches on the corner of a test to slowly build up my skill and eventually swap to digital and start to work as a commission artist. I specialize mainly in characters as I deeply…

  • January 2022

    New Year Local Artist

    Joaquin Cruz Local Artist My name is Joaquin Cruz, I’m 17 and currently a senior at SLVHS. I’m what feels like inches away from the end of high school which is somewhat terrifying but at least that means I’m growing. The paintings and art I do has meaning and no meaning, it really varies. While painting, sketching, testing different mediums regardless of how it looks, etc. I did my best to create somewhat of a surreal look, even though that look and mindset changed frequently. The majority of my art revolves around the themes of my ethnicity, how I see myself (portraits), how I see the political climates during the…

  • December 2021

    Tony Hernandez

    Tony Hernandez Local Artist Tony is a teen who enjoys the simple things in life. In his short life, he’s experienced quite a bit; however, you wouldn’t be able to tell, given his lighthearted spirit and humor. Tony’s overcome many obstacles, one of those has been learning how to navigate life as an individual diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Although this diagnosis can be quite scary for many, we’ve learned to help Tony find ways to navigate its complexities. One of those ways has been exploring new hobbies. Over the past couple of years, he’s acquired a passion for the arts. Thanks to his aid, Lou, Tony is now excited…

  • August 2021

    Gavin Gasparotti

    Gavin Gasparotti Local Artist Hi, I’m Gavin Gasparotti, and I am a recent graduate of Soquel High. Art has been one of my hobbies ever since I was a small child. As I was growing up, I put a lot of practice into developing my natural gifts. By the end of elementary school, I had developed a reputation as an artist, and I even had my art displayed at a gallery in Ben Lomond. During my time at New Brighton Middle School, I drew a picture used as the yearbook cover. I also designed the look of the school planner one year. My art was included in a display of…

  • July 2021

    Ava Barret

    Ava Barret Local Artist You don’t need to be good at art to call yourself an artist. My name is Ava Barrett, and I am an artist. I have been dancing at the tannery arts center for seven years. And I know what your thinking. What does dance have to do with these pictures I have painted? Well, dance is my main outlet for creativity. Recently I have been given fantastic opportunities to work with professional dancers to further my artistry. Within those seven years, I have seen tremendous growth in my body and mind, now onto the subject of painting. I took art classes as a kid but never…

  • June 2021

    Killian Rose O’Brien

    Killian Rose O’Brien Local Artist Killian is finishing up the 2nd grade at SLV Elementary. She was first drawn to art when her Aunt Laura took her to some Drawn-2-Art classes when she was in preschool. She is currently taking weekly art classes with our small pod of friends from her other Aunt Suzanne, she is so lucky to have such artistic people in her life! In her own words: “Art is fun to me and it is just a thing I do to calm myself down. It is fun to me to draw weird shapes and make it into a creature. I like shading and that is what I…

  • April 2021

    Mom and Son Artists

    Zephy Pfotenhauer and Dante Clark Mother and Son Duo Mother and son Zephyr Pfotenhauer and Dante Clark (11) have been working together creatively for as long as Dante can remember. A professional artist and designer, Zephyr is often inspired by Dante for her own work and regularly enlists his help in completing various projects, from murals to printmaking. Dante is a longtime member of Art Lab in Boulder Creek and particularly enjoys building in Lego, Minecraft, wood and clay in worlds both real and virtual. A 6th grader at the Nature Academy, he is looking forward to returning to school, seeing friends and exploring the county with his classmates. Until…

  • February 2021

    Local Artist Mimi Chappelear

    Mimi Chappelear local artist Mimi Chappelear is a 22 year old self-taught local artist who grew up in Santa Cruz. Mimi has a passion for nature and vibrant colors. She is also a beachcomber, who has a great interest in paleontology, archeology and science illustration. She uses acrylics on paper, canvas and wood. Mimi takes pictures of all things beautiful on our local shores. You can find her art on @daysdreamin_ and her beachy photography, @beach_scavenger on Instagram.

  • October 2020

    Bree Karpavage

    Bree Karpavage Local Artist Local artist, Bree Karpavage uses the timeless art form of cut and paste collage as a way to process life. She fondly calls it her “soul work” and uses collage as a way to empower, heal and express her personal growth. Using mostly magazines both vintage and new, she cuts images that resonate with her and later combines them to create simple yet powerful artwork. “When I collage, I get in a zone…it’s hard to describe, I’m able to check out for a bit and tap into a more spiritual, heart centered space. That for me is empowering.” Bree lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, is…

  • September 2020

    Selena Zontos

    Selena Zontos Local Artist Santa Cruz Mountains. My work is has been an ever-evolving journey of learning and creating. I continue to be inspired by the mystic nature of the local landscapes and wildlife. The paintings tend to be about our connection to each other and the natural world. I received a Bachelor of Fine Art from San Jose State. My experience there was fundamental in me trusting myself as an artist. From there it took some time before I really found my path in what I call “Living a Life Uncommon.” Making a path where there isn’t one, and trusting the unfolding of it. I now have a gallery…