May 2022

Encaustic Paintings

Encaustic Paintings

by Terry Dowell

I have been swept away by the challenges and immense rewards of educating and inspiring people that somehow find their way to me. The thrill of offering an opportunity to enliven the creative spirit in the lives of my students is a lifetime dream. My intent is simple…paint for myself, teach workshops and, of course, show my art to the public and allow my art to flow out into the world.

I have been painting and creating all my life…over 50 years now. I invented myself as an artist by way of workshops and courses throughout the United States. Largely self-taught in a variety of mixed media techniques I’ve tried every medium that was in reach…pottery, enameling, painting, plein-aire painting, drawing, watercolor, photography, assemblage, encaustic etc. I feel fortunate in having come to art by following this path… I’ve never had anyone discourage me.
Encaustic came my way over 8 years ago when I attended a free demonstration with hot wax. I knew it was right for me when I had an immediate sense of “I can do that” resounding from my soul. Diving into this exciting process… I became hooked after my first piece and have been diligently painting ever since.

I work largely from my surroundings which includes my conceptual imagination! Being fortunate enough to live in the immensely beautiful coastline of Northern California that provides me with spectacular views in all directions. This feeds my soul and artful spirit. Pushing the limits of beeswax has been quite amazing and finding how far the medium will go has been an inspiration.

Now sharing my well-earned knowledge of encaustic painting through teaching, I love to see the light in someone’s eyes when they first see the never ending possibilities of experimentation and discovery. My challenge is to guide my students to find their unique and satisfying style in the positive and safe environment of my studio in Aptos.

Uniquely, I define myself as a mixed media artist specializing in encaustic painting. I am excited that my work can be seen in private collections and juried art exhibitions throughout the United States.

Thank you for this opportunity to be seen; if only by one!

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  • Suzan

    Where can I find classes or tutorials. Your work is beautiful. I know very little about in encaustic painting. I’m just beginning and there are so many types of encaustic painting.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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