April 2022

Ashton Reedy

Ashton Reedy

Local Artist

My name is Ashton Reedy, and I am 17, almost 18. I have lived all over the world, and everywhere I have been, there have always been two things in common: good food and amazing art. While I am not a great cook, I love making art, and I’ve been drawing since I was very little, from monsters to costume designs. It’s been a long road. I started off with just small sketches on the corner of a test to slowly build up my skill and eventually swap to digital and start to work as a commission artist. I specialize mainly in characters as I deeply enjoy the process of creating new characters and telling their stories. As a Dungeons and Dragons player and a big-time nerd, art is a great outlet for that creativity. It has really allowed me to explore different aspects of the things I love, and I have made quite a few new friends through my commission work, having designed many of the characters for people who are designing games. But I’m not perfect and have so much to learn; I’m still learning new things about the software I use every day.

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