September 2020

Selena Zontos

Local Artist

Santa Cruz Mountains. My work is has been an ever-evolving journey of learning and creating. I continue to be inspired by the mystic nature of the local landscapes and wildlife. The paintings tend to be about our connection to each other and the natural world.

I received a Bachelor of Fine Art from San Jose State. My experience there was fundamental in me trusting myself as an artist. From there it took some time before I really found my path in what I call “Living a Life Uncommon.” Making a path where there isn’t one, and trusting the unfolding of it.

I now have a gallery and shop in the heart of downtown Felton. I use this as my studio space and workshop as well. The name of the space and the work, Skavenge Art, came from a pivotal moment in my journey. It became a defining piece of the puzzle. Come by for a visit to see works in progress, my process, along with the finished collection.

You can visitSkavenge Art at 6245 Highway 9, Felton Ca 95018 and shop online at Follow Selena on Instagram @skavenge_art

Color one of Selena’s drawings here.

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