April 2021

Zephy Pfotenhauer and Dante Clark

Mother and Son Duo

Mother and son Zephyr Pfotenhauer and Dante Clark (11) have been working together creatively for as long as Dante can remember. A professional artist and designer, Zephyr is often inspired by Dante for her own work and regularly enlists his help in completing various projects, from murals to printmaking. Dante is a longtime member of Art Lab in Boulder Creek and particularly enjoys building in Lego, Minecraft, wood and clay in worlds both real and virtual. A 6th grader at the Nature Academy, he is looking forward to returning to school, seeing friends and exploring the county with his classmates. Until recently Zephyr worked for Discretion Brewing as their in-house artist and designer, creating labels and merchandise for the family-owned craft brewery. Now fully self-employed, her clients include Edible Monterey Bay, the SC County Arts Council, Fruition Brewing and numerous others in need of her sharp-yet-whimsical creative aesthetic. Her work can be found at the Felton Mercantile and online at zephyrpfo.com or @zephyrpfo.o on Instagram.

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