December 2021

Tony Hernandez

Local Artist

Tony is a teen who enjoys the simple things in life. In his short life, he’s experienced quite a bit; however, you wouldn’t be able to tell, given his lighthearted spirit and humor. Tony’s overcome many obstacles, one of those has been learning how to navigate life as an individual diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Although this diagnosis can be quite scary for many, we’ve learned to help Tony find ways to navigate its complexities. One of those ways has been exploring new hobbies. Over the past couple of years, he’s acquired a passion for the arts. Thanks to his aid, Lou, Tony is now excited to draw. He’s most passionate about drawing cartoons or things he likes, such as Superheros, Scoob, and Sonic. By looking at his artwork, you wouldn’t be able to tell he’s a young man who’s gone through and overcome so much. We are quite proud of his accomplishments, newfound passion and look forward to his continued growth.

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