August 2020

Jovanna Vera


When I was young, I loved arts and crafts and found out that I enjoyed being creative. However, it wasn’t until I started high school that I began to pursue art passionately and started focusing on improving my technical skills. I’ve had the opportunity to work as an assistant art teacher a few times in different schools and teach arts and crafts at the Castroville Public library before the state lockdown began. I even got to work on an art website for six years. I love art, and I love to share my passion with others and to get others to enjoy it as I do.

I am an art student at Cabrillo College, currently finishing up my general education classes, hoping to transfer to San Jose State and study in their animation and illustration department. I hope to become a character designer for animation after I graduate.

In 2011, around the time social media started to become embedded in our society’s culture, I jumped early at the opportunity and started posting my art on Instagram. However, it was never about gaining fame or becoming popular. For me, it was always about building a portfolio and an audience. Then, hopefully, I would improve my networking circle and get closer to my dream. I am passionate about animation and comics, and more specifically, I love creating illustrations. I choose to create comic-inspired art because it’s what I love. My dream is to one day get the chance to work with an animation or art studio, such as Pixar or Disney. I am continuing to work hard to get there soon!

 You can follow Jovanna on Instagram @colorstarjo or email her at [email protected]


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