• August 2020

    Outdoor Learning

    Why Outdoor Learning? Mount Madonna School Prepares for a Fall 2020 Return to Campus By Ann Goewert, Ph.D. There is something magical about learning outdoors, and Mount Madonna School’s (MMS) 375 acres of land includes groves of coastal redwoods and live oaks, mountain meadows, chaparral, and ponds. The ecological tapestry of biomes, rich with diverse life forms, provides an unmatched outdoor laboratory for our educators to engage students in a broad variety of learning experiences and opportunities, from the art of crafting stories to scientific inquiry and experimentation. Immersing students in nature and outdoor learning develops the whole student. Outdoor learning fuels the mind and ignites all of the senses.…

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    August 2020

    Summer Stone Fruits

    Summer Stone Fruits The Advantage of Seasonal Eating by gretchen heimsoth *Recipe card at the end of article Summer is upon us! The time of year that stone fruits make their appearance in the farmers’ markets and local produce purveyors. The family of stone fruits includes cherries, plums, pluots, apricots, nectarines, and peaches. Lesser known in the family are avocados, which are also in supply at the local markets with a wide variety, and mangoes, which sadly for Northern California are not local. Mangoes are delicious and rich in nutrients. But for this feature, I am going to focus on locally grown stone fruit and save avocadoes for another conversation.…

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    August 2020

    Which School

    Private School? Homeschool? Public School? Let’s Look at the Options for 2020 By Suki Wessling At the time of this writing, one month before school starts, a lot of school parents are in limbo, not knowing what school will look like for their students. Some are considering alternatives to their neighborhood schools. So what are the options? Move to private school?Most local private schools have announced plans to reopen site-based instruction part- or full-time. If you’ve been thinking about trying private school anyway, this may be a good time to explore the options. Smaller schools do have more flexibility. However, all schools will have to change their plans if the…

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    August 2020

    Pandemic Child Care

    Six Ways to Care for Kids During the Pandemic By Suki Wessling Throughout the time that I homeschooled my children, I also worked. Most of the homeschooling parents I knew also worked, at least part-time. A few of them were wealthy enough to afford professional childcare, but they were the exception to the rule. Most of us took part in the informal childcare economy that homeschooling often requires. In this article, I’ll attempt to lay out a framework for a variety of ways to get care for your children during this pandemic, but of course, it will be necessary for you to look at your own household and think creatively.…

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    August 2020

    Breastfeeding Month

    Breastfeeding Month By Laura Maxson, LM August is here and, like the rest of the year, nothing is business as usual. Normally, Santa Cruz County Breastfeeding Coalition and WIC (Women, Infants and Children) would be inviting everyone to their annual Breastfeeding Walk and Health Fair, but that is not happening this year due to COVID19.Although families will not gather together in the park to celebrate this year, they will be able to participate in virtual activities all month long during National Breastfeeding Month. Locally, families can connect with the Breastfeeding Coalition and their member organizations on Facebook to learn more about the benefits of human milk and local/virtual events. (facebook.com/SCCBFC)…

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    August 2020

    Jovanna Vera

    Jovanna Vera LOCAL ARTIST When I was young, I loved arts and crafts and found out that I enjoyed being creative. However, it wasn’t until I started high school that I began to pursue art passionately and started focusing on improving my technical skills. I’ve had the opportunity to work as an assistant art teacher a few times in different schools and teach arts and crafts at the Castroville Public library before the state lockdown began. I even got to work on an art website for six years. I love art, and I love to share my passion with others and to get others to enjoy it as I do.…

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    August 2020

    Chinese Medicine

    A Doctor of Chinese Medicine By Jeanette Prather “From what we’ve seen in Chinese medicine, COVID-19 is really going to take root and be a harder disease for patients who have cold lungs and cold digestive systems,” local doctor of Chinese medicine, Dr. Nihal Kaur, offered freely. “This means no sugar, sweets, ice cream, drinks, etc., but rather hot drinks like tea, soups and broth are best. Make sure that your digestive system is warm, with a combination of ginger and licorice tea being the best.” This is just one of the small anecdotes that Dr. Kaur offers her patients via online sessions instead of her traditional in-person appointments. Dr.…

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    August 2020

    Dominican Best for Baby

    Only the Best for Baby and Mama Newsweek Recognizes Dominican Hospital as a Best Maternity Care Hospital Distinction places the hospital among just 231 medical facilities nationwide recognized for superior maternity care SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (July 17, 2020) Dignity Health Dominican Hospital has been designated as one of Newsweek’s Best Maternity Care Hospitals 2020. According to Newsweek, this honor recognizes Dominican for its extraordinary service to mothers, newborns, and families in our community. To compile the list, a panel of experts set rigorous requirements and reviewed key data. They looked for hospitals with low rates of C-section, episiotomy, and early elective deliveries, and that follow crucial protocols to protect mothers…

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    August 2020

    Aug Editor Note

    Editor’s Note As if our country wasn’t divided enough, we now have important questions splitting our local community every day. Should we send kids back to school as the president has firmly advocated? Is distance learning a valid replacement for classroom teaching? Should we find private schools that have found ways to do in-person teaching? Should we home school, or form pods and hire teachers to teach kids in small, safe groups? What can we do to keep the education fair and available for everyone? Are only families with enough money for private schools going to be able to get their kids a good education? Should we be wearing masks?…