March 2021

Some Words with Skate Star and GUISC Cover Shot Marco Chavez


KP: Hey Marco, mind if I ask you some questions?
MC: Sure, go ahead
KP: What’s your name and age?
MC: My name is Marco Chavez, I’m 16 years old and I go to Santa Cruz High.
KP: When did you start skating?
MC: I started skating when I was 9.  I would skate at Scotts Valley Skate Park.
KP: Are your parents supportive of you skating?
MC: My parents are very supportive. Both my parents skate with me. My dad takes me skating every day after school and he keeps all my gear in top shape.
KP: Why do you like skating so much?
MC: Because it’s fun and I can do basically whatever I want. I can tweak an air how I please and there is an endless combination of lines you can create as well as it’s an art form and a way to express my self
KP: Do you ever compete?
MC: Ya.  I compete in a contest series called CASL and do pretty well.  I won most of them except for one. I missed a couple of them because of school.
KP: Who are you sponsored by?
MC: I’m sponsored by Dogtown Skateboards, independent trucks, k9 wheels, Bills Wheels Skate Shop, Meekster Brau, Lakai shoes, Pardon Designs and of course my parents
KP: Think you’ll ever want to go pro?
MC: I would like to, but my main goal is to go to college and get an education.  I would like to be a mechanical engineer because I like to build and tinker
KP: What do you recommend to kids that are just getting started skating?
MC: Just have fun. Don’t focus on trying to go pro or do big gnarly tricks.  Start slow and make sure you’re always having fun.
KP: Thanks so much Marco. Is there anything else that you want to add?
MC: Skateboarding to me is another way to express my self, exercise and a sport. I push myself cause I want to do tricks a certain way and proper and also because my dad puts in so much work for me to keep me skating that I want to try and put as much effort as he puts in for me.

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