• Brad Kava
    March 2021

    March Editor’s Note

    March Editor’s Note By Brad Kava Teens may be having the toughest time of all during the lockdown. They are in the years where they are starting to break away from their families and enjoy some independence and responsibility. Not to mention, this is the time when hanging out with friends is hugely important to them, and the best thing about being in school is being around peers who influence, teach and share. Instead, they are locked into a Zoom world, right at the age when we are begging them to get off their computers, turn off social media and get out and do things. Well, our writers have found…

  • March 2021

    Jelly Beanz

    The Community Says Goodbye to Another Local Gem But There’s Still Hope by Sarah Hirshland Items that don’t sell before Jelli Beanz closes will be donated back to the clothing bank. Citing a sharp decrease in buying since Covid, the owners of the popular used clothes and toy store, Jelli Beanz, are in the process of closing the 14-year-old business. Since 2007, Jelli Beanz has been a local treasure for parents and families to buy, sell and exchange new and gently used goodies. The store has been a go-to for new and seasoned moms and dads. “I’ve been coming here since my kids were little, it’s such a fabulous place”,…

  • March 2021

    Salesian School

    Salesian School Photo Essay by Kevin Painchaud On Feb.4 Salesian School joined the nationwide celebration of Catholic Schools Week.  Salesian School’s focus was on celebrating the community.  With help from many parents that are in the medical field, they were able to organize numerous first-responders including the police and fire to come on-site and to drive around the campus twice, like a parade.  The kids from all grades, while social distanced, had the wonderful opportunity to show their support and say thanks.  Many of the kids were dressed as their favorite profession, which included doctors, nurses, fire fighters, cooks and more. Read More Local News Articles

  • March 2021

    Little League Returns

    Little League Returns by kevin painchaud Next month will mark the one-year anniversary that all sports have been shut down.  From Major League Baseball, college sports and even Little League.  With more and more vaccinations being given and more people following the strict mask policy and 6-foot social distancing, Santa Cruz County has been able to bring the infectious rate of the coronavirus down.  The next couple of weeks will be crucial to see if Santa Cruz is able to bring our levels down far enough to allow team sports for schools to finally start.  Until then, sports are having to make the shift to follow the California Department of…

  • March 2021

    Teaching During COVID

    Teaching and Learning in the Time of COVID-19 By Patricia Lucas, Spanish teacher at Gateway School As a teacher of over forty years, I felt I had  “seen it all” — every educational trend, methodology, pedagogy, and innovation. This most recent challenge sent this “maestra”, a World Language middle school teacher at Gateway School, into a near free fall. The educational challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic have caught all educational constituents off guard scrambling for the best ways to move forward. My students’ varying responses to Distance Learning have brought me new insights, unexpected innovation, flexibility and challenges. It is my belief that the most critical need for all students is…

  • March 2021

    Climbing Mountains

    Climbing Mountains My School Year Ups and Downs By Grace Timan, 11th grade Priorities have changed, that’s something I learned in my Values in World Thought class this year. Yes, I do miss the way the world once was, and I pine for the classic high school experience. What I now want most, however, is the health of those in my community. Gazing at the faces of my peers displayed on their pixelated webcams, I reminisced on 2020 and years past. Dial back to September, a new school year and what was supposed to be a fresh start, that instead put us right back where we were six months ago…

  • March 2021

    Make Some Music

    Family Fun Time Make Some Music by Jan Pierce Exposure to music of all kinds is one of the best gifts you can give to your children. Finding activities your whole family enjoys can be challenging. But you can’t go wrong with music. Listening to and making music are some of the most enjoyable parts of life. And the endless variety in music ensures you can find something for everyone in the clan. The benefits of enjoying music are many. In infancy and even in utero babies are calmed by music. Young children can focus attention and complete a task while listening to a song. They can wind down with…

  • March 2021

    Colostrum for the Win

    Colostrum for the Win! By Laura Maxson, LM Colostrum is high in protein, meaning there is a lot of bang for the buck inside each of those tiny swallows in the first minutes and hours after birth. Babies do best with skin-to-skin and the opportunity to receive the rich, wonderful substance called colostrum through early access to breastfeeding. Most parents expect to give birth and have their baby in arms for bonding and breastfeeding right away; however, that’s not always the case. Giving birth is full of unknowns; birth plans are made and classes are taken, but no one knows exactly how their birth will turn out. Some families have…