March 2021

Lonan Dickinson

Artist of the Month

My name is Lonan Dickinson and I’m 13 years old. My house recently burned down in the CZU complex fire that happened in Boulder Creek, California. After the fire I had to move to a new neighborhood which was difficult because I was separated from my community and friends. Shortly afterwards, I found out I had two good friends in my new neighborhood, Stella and Brooklyn, who showed me fun places to explore in Mount Hermon.

During my free time I enjoy fishing, surfing, skateboarding and scootering at the skatepark with my friends. Before COVID, I played on the middle school basketball and flag football teams and did Junior Guards at the beach in Santa Cruz.

I also enjoy all forms of art, especially drawing, theater, and dance. I love drawing eyes, sketching animals and performing in plays with the Little People’s Repertory Theatre. LPRT is really fun because I get to learn all sorts of cool and fun dances and song parodies and perform them in front of cheering audiences. I have also danced in The Nutcracker and have written my own song parodies. These forms of art help me express myself and channel my creative, quirky energy.

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