May 2021

Gretchen Bach

43 years Surfing

Tell us about an intense or fun surfing memory

Dropping my 11-year old daughter off to surf the Lane by herself. That was harder for me than watching her drive away in a car for her first time.

What is your occupation


Do you have any significant community involvement?

Current: Santa Cruz Educational Foundation Board Member. Past: Santa Cruz City Green Schools Board Member, Co-Founder of the Santa Cruz County Scholastic Surfing League, and former Surf Coach for Santa Cruz High, and Mission Hill and Branciforte Middle Schools.

Tell us something unique about you as a mother who surfs with/without your kiddos

I like to share waves and I like to get cold and shiver.

What is your most memorable surf moment with your kids?

Surfing Cowells 12 years ago with only myself and my daughters Eden and Violet out. There was a calm light rain and the girls didn’t want to go out because there was no one else out. But that was the day that, once they had experienced the calmness of surfing alone in the rain, they became real surfers.

What are some challenges of surfing related to motherhood?

Childcare and when they get better than you and don’t want to share waves.


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