April 2020

Got Some Time? 10 Minute Organization Tips


organizeDo you have some free time in your house? Here are some areas of your house that you can tackle within about 10 minutes. This is 10 minutes well spent.

Books & Magazines
It seems that for most of us we have books and/or magazines stacked places or overflowing on our bookshelves. Take a minute and sort through them. Just the mere sorting may inspire you to revisit a book. You may know just the right person who would like to read one of your books whether it be a loan or a give. You probably know of a specific organization that could benefit from some of your books. Your public library will let you know what items they can accept, including magazines. Magazines are also a great for collaging and craft projects.

Glove Box
If you want to tackle the entire vehicle go for it, but simply tidying up your glove box is a great start. Create a tidy space so you can easily locate your registration and insurance. I like to keep these items in a large, clear Ziploc bag with my list of emergency contacts. I also keep the vehicle manual as well as car seat manuals in this spot for easy reference.

Bedroom Closets
You don’t have to give your closet the ultimate overhaul to feel some relief from the chaos. The most simple thing you can do is to pull out items that are no longer needed. Be honest with yourself about how often you wear your items and how long it has been since the last time you wore them. A fast way to revive some closet energy is to then group alike items. I like to group hanging items by sleeve length such as long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless. Then in each of these categories I sort them by color. This is an eye pleaser!

Linen Closet
Quickly sort through your towels, hand towels, wash clothes, bed sheets, etc. and determine what you still use and how any unused linens can be repurposed. I typically will place some of these unwanted items in my paint bin or keep one in my car. They may not be nice enough for guests but they will definitely serve a purpose some other way.

Junk Drawer
Has this drawer alone been haunting you? Take about ten minutes and give this drawer the love it has been craving. Most likely half of the drawer are items that will not be needed into your life. For the remainder of the items, give them some separation. Use small containers inside of the drawer.

Take a look around your bathroom vanity to find products that you no longer use or are outdated. I find that I normally know someone who still currently uses a product that I no longer have interest in. This is an awesome way to reuse. Grouping items into categories makes the vanity refreshed. Categories may look like: first aid, beauty, hair, cleaning, kids, etc. Discovering some items that you are still willing to use but haven’t seen in awhile will also save you a few dollars on your next store visit.

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