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    Summer Activity Guide

    So many peoples’ lives were changed by summer camps. They are places not just to get away from parents and make new friends, but to try new things, enjoy nature and learn crafts. We canoed, made lanyards, caught frogs and snakes, learned guitar, made fires in the wilderness and cooked and cleaned up afterwards. Those were timeless experiences that gave us a lifetime of memories. *Please check with the camps to make sure they are operating this summer. DAY CAMPS All About Theatre325 Washington St, Santa [email protected]lebrating over 19 years and over 145 musicals in Santa Cruz County. We offer training in the performing arts for 3-6, 6-10, 10-13 &…

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    April 2019

    Small Steps, Big Changes

    Small Steps, Big Changes BY NICOLE M. YOUNG, MSW April is the Month of the Young Child and Child Abuse Prevention Month, which is a good opportunity to remind ourselves that 1) raising happy, healthy children is both exhausting and rewarding, 2) every parent struggles, feels unprepared, or worries they’ve failed at parenting at some point, and 3) everyone in the community can play a role in making sure children and families have the resources and support needed to thrive. This monthly article provides tips for families raising children, based on the world-renowned Triple P – Positive Parenting Program, available to families in Santa Cruz County. If you have a…

  • April 2020

    Shelter in Place Resources

    Local School Sites Offering Free Meals To All Kids Under 18 Santa Cruz City SchoolsFree meals will be available from 11-1 at the following sites in the parking lot. If you are driving, please stay in your car and meals will be provided based on the number of children in the car. All families are eligible for meal services and may pick up meals at any of the following locations: Harbor High School– drive up in the parking lot Branciforte Middle School– drive up in the cut out in front of the school Gault Elementary– drive up drive up on Effey St. Bayview Elementary– drive up in the parking lot…

  • April 2020

    A Naturopathic Perspective

    A Naturopathic Perspective BY DR. TONYA FLECK AND DR. JESSICA BERNARDY Many patients and friends have been asking what we as naturopathic doctors suggest for protecting ourselves and our families against this potential threat. There are thousands of studies on the effective use of natural agents for antiviral properties, yet nothing is being said in the news about them. People are dying and public health officials and conventional medicine still resists acknowledging these agents in preventing and treating viruses and other illnesses. At the Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center, we have heard statements in regards to the coronavirus, such as “There’s nothing we can do to protect ourselves — there’s…

  • April 2020

    Camps Offer Unplugged Summers

    Camps Offer Unplugged Summers BY KAMI PACHECO Ahhhh, the freedom of summer! Every year I count down the days to my favorite season, where memories of worry-free, open-ended, play-filled times bring nostalgic feelings of warmth, peace, contentment, and joy. I picture myself lying on my back under a shaded redwood tree, gazing up into the wide blue expanse of limitless sky. I’m not sure if I actually ever did this, as my personal energy level has consistently been on the upward scale of “always moving,” but even if I never laid still under a tree, this is still my fondest memory of summer. What I do remember most is freedom.…

  • April 2020

    With Schools Closed, the Internet Saves the Day

    With Schools Closed, the Internet Saves the Day BY SUKI WESSLING What a difference a virus makes. I wrote this article in January, while doing research on the effects of Internet and device use on kids and family relationships. There was a lot of concern out there that our kids were being negatively affected by excessive screen use, by online bullying, by video game addiction. No one was talking about the benefits of this brave new world. Now I find that I am hearing a new refrain: Thank goodness we have the Internet. I’m so glad my student can communicate with his friends online. Can I please please please enroll…

  • April 2020

    Dear Parents, Your Computer is Your Quarantine Friend

    Dear Parents, Your Computer is Your Quarantine Friend BY JAN PIERCE The kids are home unexpectedly. There are hours to fill and learning to do. You’ve got this. Here is a list of online resources to ensure your kids are busy and happy during this “mini-vacation.” Good Kids’ WebsitesA great website for children will offer quality content and lots of interactive choices. More than just color pages, these sites will have interactive games, downloadables and will relate to real learning. Take a look. sesamestreet.org Pre-schoolers love Sesame Street and always will. The online site continues with early learning fun and games. pbskids.org is already anticipating the need for new and…

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    April 2020

    It’s Not All Hard

    It’s Not All Hard BY MARY GAUKEL FORSTER Last month’s article defined hard skills, their connection to specific careers, and how they can be encouraged and taught. Hard skills are important such as knowledge of anatomy for a doctor or building codes for an architect. A parent can do much to teach or foster the growth of a child’s hard skills but the majority of child development studies indicate that the parent plays an even more important role in developing a child’s soft skills. The top 10 soft skills include communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem solving, creativity, work ethic, interpersonal skills, time management, leadership, and attention to detail. For most careers,…

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    April 2020

    Got Some Time? 10 Minute Organization Tips

    Got Some Time? 10 Minute Organization Tips By JHONEE FILLMORE Do you have some free time in your house? Here are some areas of your house that you can tackle within about 10 minutes. This is 10 minutes well spent. Books & MagazinesIt seems that for most of us we have books and/or magazines stacked places or overflowing on our bookshelves. Take a minute and sort through them. Just the mere sorting may inspire you to revisit a book. You may know just the right person who would like to read one of your books whether it be a loan or a give. You probably know of a specific organization…

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    April 2020

    These Judges Judge Your Kids

    These Judges Judge Your Kids BY BOB DERBER In a January GUiSC article, “Judges Matter”, author Annrae Angel was spot on: our Family Court judges impact Santa Cruz every day and in significant ways.  Their decisions touch our basic fabric – family structure and the protection of our children when parents are in conflict. We are fortunate to have two ‘bench officers’ who are not just legal scholars.  They bring significant life-experiences to the court.  They are judges Paul Marigonda and Kim Baskett. Most divorcing parents don’t hire attorneys, and they often appear before these judges to ‘make a call’ when they cannot agree upon a matter. The two parents…