April 2020

Positives of Video Games


ZAchMany parents believe the internet is a treacherous place that burns kids’ brain cells, but most of the time this is just parents only believing what they hear on the news or by fellow parents. Many games can help out with everyday activities and certain skills. Another found rumor is that violent video games result in violent kids, this is not such a true fact, rather an excuse for some parents and their kids behavior. Many video games can also help kids feel better about themselves or become more social. I think parents just need to take a look at the games their kids play and maybe spend some time with them digitally and get to know the games so you have a good estimate before you estimate how long they can spend, and I guarantee some parents will change their mind.

Games can help with certain skills
Many games can help kids with certain skills and activities, let’s talk about that. A lot of parents think that many games distract students but actually a lot of games can help with that. Have you heard of tetris? Well chances are you have, because it’s the number one sold game ever! Tetris requires lots of focus and quick thinking, both of these things can very much so help out with school and everyday activities. Or when gaming on basically any console or computer you are getting a finger workout, and you may not realise this, but anybody who wants to play almost any instrument will need to develop good dexterity and finger and eye coordination. So by gaming you are basically becoming a slightly better musician. And as many people know, guitar and piano are the kings of carpal tunnel.

Violent Video Games Are Not The Cause Of Violent Kids
Ya know what really catches me, the belief that violent video games are the reason why parents have bratty kids that throw pencils at teachers. Maybe I am dumb, maybe video games cause violent kids, ya know. Maybe it isn’t parents letting their kids be wild and disrespectful to people. Have you realised the issue with those two sentences? Hmmmmm… (5s pause) There are so many reasons besides fortnite that are making your kid rampage on you and at school! Firstly, parenting. Many parents let their kids do whatever they want, stay up all night, yell at teachers, throw things at people. And overall just be violent and reckless. Or maybe a kid has been under a bad influence. There are misbehaved students at almost every school, who knows, your kid might be under the impression that they have to do what these kids tell them to do. Another reason could be that the kid could be very stressed and anxious about something, maybe it’s an upcoming test and they can’t sleep because of it and it causes them to act in an enraged manner.

Games Can Help Out With Social Anxiety and Personal Image
Many kids have an unpleasing personal image and or social anxiety, but many games help people be more confident in themselves and outgoing. One example of this is a youtuber KonekoKitten, roblox helped him through many stages in his life and has made him a more confident person. In his videos he has talked about not being a very social person as a kid and not being sure of who he was. This is just one of millions of cases for people who aren’t sure of themselves or have social anxiety. Many games help kids become more social and can help them make more friends. I find it essential to become a social person at a young age before it becomes too difficult in later years.

In conclusion, video games are not the worst thing in the world, and maybe parents should try to understand what their kids are doing in games and get used to it with them so that you have a good understanding and can at least think about it before you judge video games and write them off as some brain cell burner that is corrupting kids for eternity. I do not think that somebody who does write games off as terrible things is a bad person, I just think they need to at least try to acknowledge the positives about video games.

My name is Zachary Livingston Shults and I just turned 10 on March 25, I love to cube, by cube I mean solving different types of Rubik’s cubes but primarily 3×3 the standard cube most people think of. I love gaming and I play a lot of and roblox. I love to write about large problems like factory farms and climate change.

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