February 2022

Otis Drew Kuhn

Otis Drew-Kuhn

February Local Artist

A couple of years back, when things got quiet around here, we used to fear the worst. Maybe Otis emptied the cookie jar? Did he give himself a haircut? Worse yet, did he give the cat a haircut?? Thankfully, these days the silence (usually) means he’s found some art supplies and is whipping up his next masterpiece. He used to be all about watercolor rainbows and really perfecting that arch; then came “Race Cars in Crayon. A story of life in 2020 from a 5-year-old perspective”. What followed was a (thankfully) short-lived “expression through stickers” phase. Lately, Otis eats, breathes, draws, and paints dinosaurs exclusively! What started as just coloring between the horns and teeth has evolved into pop art and even dino fashion design. We had no idea a love for dinosaurs could be expressed in so many ways! Watching his skills grow and evolve has truly been one of the coolest things to see as a parent. We can’t wait to see what he’s into next!! We are crossing our fingers for a creative pastime with less roaring and glitter (or at least only one at a time!).

Bottom Image: Collaboration between Carmen Clark (owner Crooked Beauty) and Otis.

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