Brad and Jen
September 2020

September Editor's Note

BY Brad kava

Sometimes it seems like things can’t get any worse.

Covid-19, deadly fires, a crashing economy, a country torn apart with Civil War-like ferocity…what’s a Santa Cruz parent supposed to do?

While family magazines have gone out of business across the country during this time, the staff at Growing Up in Santa Cruz thinks it’s the most important time to keep going and get people information that can help them deal with troubling times. We will continue printing a physical magazine, distributed for free around the county and an online version, thanks to the support of dedicated and loyal advertisers.

This issue helps answer a lot of questions you might have, with answers given by experts.

Jan Pierce has an important story about how to make your home a good distance learning environment. That’s a must read in these time. Laura Maxson takes a look at the Black Lives Matter movement through the eyes of the most fragile—the babies.

Gretchen Heimsoth has an important piece about how YOU can stay healthy in crisis by eating healthily and doing stress-reduction activities. Worried about your kids falling behind? Suki Wessling looks at this generation and compares it to others that have faced crises and Jeanette Prather has some great ideas for creative distance learning. Nicole Young offers advice on how to cope with traumatic events and Jhonee Fillmore teaches you how to build a great home classroom.

County Supervisor Zach Friend reports on what the county is doing for COVID.

Then, we look at the future and the news. We have both sides of the rail/trail debate. Should Santa Cruz build a new railroad service between the city and Watsonville or should it make it a path for bikes and pedestrians? That’s a big step toward what the county will look like for a century down the road. Read the two opinions and weigh in. We’ll publish your letters and emails and you can bet the people making decisions will see them here.

We have a new computing column for families and a new real estate column to look at the market month by month, as people are streaming in and out of the area. We have a Back to School guide showing what schools are open. We also have extensive fire coverage this issue. You will meet the people in the community who are helping.

That said, we are so happy to be able to continue to publish and hope we are bringing you valuable information.

Drop us a line any time at [email protected] and check our website, and our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thanks for reading!
Brad Kava, Jennifer Ford
and Steve Dinnen

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