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    Summer Activity Guide

    So many peoples’ lives were changed by summer camps. They are places not just to get away from parents and make new friends, but to try new things, enjoy nature and learn crafts. We canoed, made lanyards, caught frogs and snakes, learned guitar, made fires in the wilderness and cooked and cleaned up afterwards. Those were timeless experiences that gave us a lifetime of memories. *Please check with the camps to make sure they are operating this summer. DAY CAMPS Be Natural Music740 Water St, Santa Cruz, CA(831) 515-8369benaturalmusicsantacruz.com/summermusiccampsThe 3rd & 4th weeks in June are BNM’s 2021 Summer Music Camps! At Be Natural Music summer camps, kid & teen musicians…

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    The Surprise Return of Skateboarding

    by Hugh McCormicK Skating is now considered cool. Nope, not that countercultural, subversive, slightly dangerous, punk-rock cool. Just cool. Everyone wants to be, or at least look like a skater. COVER STORY | SKATE PARKS | SKATE SHOPS Rocking a black and yellow Huff sweatshirt, a well-loved pair of Levi’s, and a sweet pair of Nike SB’s, 38-year-old Ralph Mendoza rings up (and talks up) a steady stream of customers on a wet and windy Saturday afternoon. Laughter echoes off the board-covered-walls of Santa Cruz’s iconic skating emporium, Bill’s Wheels. Throngs of groms (lil’ skaters) peruse racks of carefully curated textiles and ogle over the shop’s brilliant rainbow of wheels,…

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    WiFi 101

    WiFi 101 BY Luigi Oppido As time has gone by, the need for WiFi has become greater and greater, and the protocols have followed this need by becoming faster and faster. All these digital devices we use in 2021 need a connection of some type. Your experience is only as good as your connection, and that comes from either a cellular data connection coming from a tower-based somewhere in your town or it comes locally from your local Internet connection. That local connection we fondly call WiFi. WiFi service is broadcasted a number of different ways from those little antenna coming out of your router. As time has gone by,…

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    Paying for your Santa Cruz Home

    The Santa Cruz real estate market is being reshaped by out-of-towners moving in now that so many people can work anywhere they choose. However, it seems not to have occurred to many people here that they can do the same thing: get an “out of town” job without the commute out of town. There are many well-paying jobs “over the hill” that no longer require a daily commute.

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    Approaching Health in the New Year

    Approaching Health in the New Year Winter Wellness Through an Ayurvedic Lens By Gretchen McNelis It is 2021! Congratulations! You made it! We all deserve a pat on the back now that the long haul we have called 2020 is over. 2021 will start with its share of bumps, I am sure. Yet, I cannot help but have a real sense of hope for this coming year. The beginning of the year finds us smack in the middle of winter. In the natural world, things have slowed down, retreated even for the season. Light is shorter, dark is longer. Keeping in sync with the rhythms of the planet, winter is…

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    December Celebrations

    Tuesday 1Gateway Tours by Appointment 9:30am-3:00pm. Gateway School, 255 Swift Street. Come and learn how Gateway School inspires curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through innovative education for a fast-changing world. You’ll have the opportunity to see the health and safety protocols of our facilities while also learning more about our curriculum. Visit www.gatewaysc.org to make an appointment for a personalized, individual tour of our campus. National Pie Day National Eat a Red Apple Day Rosa Parks Day Rosa Parks Day honors an American Civil Rights hero. On either February 4 or December 1, the holiday recognizes the civil rights leader Rosa Parks. Learn more about Rosa Parks, that day in…

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    Bright Spots

    Finding Bright Spots in the Midst of Uncertainty By Nicole M. Young, MSW 2020 started off promising. The California legislature passed the first-ever statewide resolution declaring January as Positive Parenting Awareness Month. Go parents! I took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia in February to present at an international conference for Triple P providers and researchers. My kids had enjoyed a long break from their rigorous high school and college classes and were gearing up for their spring semesters. Life was busy but good. And then came COVID-19…and racial unrest…and the wildfires…and repeated disruptions to our daily lives. This year has been filled with one challenge after another, and at times…

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    How to Avoid Email Scams

    How to Avoid Email Scams By Luigi Oppido With people’s home phones diminishing and less and less communications happening via phone calls, scammers have moved into the world of email. Email scamming is the easiest way for a thief to gain personal information about you without doing much work. There are multiple ways that email scams can come into your home, with or without your solicitation. We’re going to talk about some of the ways you can recognize those email scams and what to do about them when you think you’ve got one. The first thing to understand is reading an email scam does not do anything to your computer…

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    Teacher of the Month

    We always want to do more for teachers and here’s something we can all do. Send your nominations for a teacher who deserves to be honored. Write us a letter about why this teacher is special.We will print your letters and choose teachers to receive cash, flowers and a bottle of wine! How has your nominee gone above and beyond to help your kids?How have they inspired your kids during the pandemic? We are looking for teachers of all grades, from preschool to college. You can even send us a video. Let’s celebrate those who do so much for all of us. Even though they deserve to be paid as…

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    Is Halloween Really Canceled?

    Is Halloween Really Canceled? BY christy shults Online neighborhood groups are filled with Halloween protest post. Has Halloween really been canceled? It is not. Like everything else this year, Halloween will look different from usual. Large groups are still not allowed, and this will dramatically affect parties and trick-or-treating. We posed the question to our readers and received a wide range of responses, along with some great suggestions on how to keep the magic alive. I think this year is for decorations! Let people walk or drive by and enjoy whatever spooky or fun creations you can put together. I’m so sad, I love Halloween and I love trick-or-treating with…