June Editor's Note

By brad kava

We love the cows at Arana Gulch Park.

Parker, 5, and I visit them most every day and we bring them carrots, which they love so much that the minute they hear his voice yell “treats,” they come running from wherever they are on the field to us at the fence.

We’re surprised that a lot of people don’t even know about this great resource, but it’s a favorite for the families and cyclists who have found it (off Mentel Ave. but there are several other entrances).

We want to salute the city for this great piece of urban development. And don’t think it didn’t come without a fight—a 20-year-long battle.
For years it was undeveloped open space with just dirt trails and meadows that was once a farm and cattle ranch. People liked it undeveloped and wanted to keep it that way. It was a place to get away from it all, right in the heart of the city.

We liked it then, but we like it much more now, as a place we can walk and bike and pet the cows and still feel the beauty of nature.

It’s a real family spot that most tourists don’t know about. It defines what a community park can be, with handicapped access and paths leading to nearby playgrounds and informative placards about wildlife and plants.
Great parks make a great community and we want to thank the people who fought the protests and got it done.

Like Kaiser Permanente Arena, which also had its naysayers, it’s an example of how good development and planning can make a city great.

We’ll write more about it in a future issue.

Meanwhile in our June issue, you will learn about what Santa Cruz is doing to bring broadband to everyone; you’ll also learn what the first high school pandemic class is doing after graduation; how to raise musical children; a mom who is really making a difference; how to keep your babies dancing and much more.
Enjoy and let’s keep Santa Cruz great.

Brad Kava, Jennifer Ford
and Steve Dinnen

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