Erin Torr

14 years Surfing

What is your occupation

Mental Health Counselor

Do you have any significant community involvement?

I work at a school as the mental health counselor for grades 6-12. I love it! I’ve also hosted exchange students for the last ten years which has been awesome.

Tell us something unique about you as a mother who surfs with/without your kiddos

I do not like surfing small waves and i really only surf the hook!

What is your most memorable surf moment with your kids?

There are so many—I love our family surfs on holidays. Big Sur camp trips every summer are so fun because the waves vary so much from year to year. and surfing Costa Rica with my son and daughter was amazing!

What are some challenges of surfing related to motherhood?

I didn’t surf when my kids were little so I don’t have some of the challenges with time and freedom that younger moms do. I love when my kids can see that I’ve had a long day and they say, “go surf!”

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