El Vaquero

Trivia Night

by brad kava

Here’s something for families to do that’s free or low cost. El Vaquero Winery in Corralitos has trivia night at 7 p.m. on Thursdays and unlike some alcohol serving places, it’s kid and dog friendly. Sometimes there are more kids than others.  Host Michael Gaither often throws in questions that the tykes can answer. (How did we miss the name of Sponge Bob’s home town, Bikini Bottom, even aided by a 6-year-old?)

It’s outdoors, there’s food catered from the pizza joint across the street (or bring your own), excellent reasonably priced wines and apple juice and a fun couple of hours for all. 

El Vaquero is at 2901 Freedom Blvd, Corralitos. Phone (831) 607 8118. Website:elvaquerowinery.com

Trivia: What does the name mean in Spanish?

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  • Michael Gaither

    Oh how cool is this? Thanks for the thoughtful writeup, Brad. And super happy to see you and your son as new regulars on Trivia Thursday at El Vaquero Winery. See ya soon. Cheers!

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