santa cruz new year's resolutions
January 2020

Five New Year’s Resolutions You Might Keep

By Jan Pierce

When January 1st rolls around, most of us look for fresh starts. This year we’ll lose weight, quit smoking or drinking too much, get along with family members and….the list goes on. Check in with folks about January 20th and most have either given up on their resolutions already, or have forgotten what they were. 

Change doesn’t come easily. But what if we made some resolutions for 2018 that were things we really want to do, not just things we think we should do?

santa cruz new year's resolutions
The first resolution isn’t don’t make resolutions. These are simpler, positive steps.

What if we made a list of resolutions that we could actually look forward to trying? It might still take a bit of discipline, but it could be fun.

Here are five categories most of us can identify with. Let’s make it simple—something we can accomplish without gritting out teeth. Before we know it, we’ll have incorporated good habits into our daily schedules and stand proud as we say, “I kept my New Year’s Resolution.”

Choose one or two items from each checklist or write your own. Give yourself permission to change your goal as the year progresses. Keep the goals simple and measurable. Celebrate at the end of each month if you’ve accomplished them.





Reduce Stress

If you’re a paper and pencil person, you might enjoy tracking the progress for the items you select. When you are ready for a new challenge, feel free to move on to new goals. Setting simple, doable goals and achieving them is a satisfying experience. You’ll find the resolutions aren’t so hard to keep when you enjoy doing them. 

Jan Pierce, M.Ed., is a freelance writer and the author of Homegrown Readers and Homegrown Family Fun. Find Jan at

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