October 2020

Inside Education Monthly

BY suki wessling

Every year, the Santa Cruz County Office of Education welcomes a diverse group of locals—businesspeople, educators, government employees—to come together monthly and learn about education in Santa Cruz County. The program serves as a bridge between public education and the wider community, promoting understanding and connections to benefit both sides.

Like our local schools, this year Inside Education has gone virtual. This year’s participants represent a wide variety of business and public sectors, including the public library, for-profit family-focused businesses (including two representatives from Growing Up), local museums, Cabrillo College, and social services. Inside Education explores the whole child from an educational perspective, with student equity playing a major role in their presentations.

September’s virtual presentation included:

  1. Teachers presented from their classrooms in Watsonville and Live Oak, showing how two teachers are coping with—and thriving in—distance learning
    Jennifer Buesing, Director of School Safety, spoke in-depth about how schools are preparing for in-person learning and all the various contingencies they are juggling
  2. Stephanie Sumarna and Jason Borgen spoke about the educational technology that our local districts are using
  3. Michele Chaney from Youth N.O.W., a nonprofit that provides academic support for at-risk youth in PVUSD, spoke movingly about her nonprofit’s struggle to continue serving their increasingly fragile population, especially the children of farmworkers

Join us starting next month for in-depth interviews and reports about what is happening in local education. Growing Up is excited to take part in this school/community partnership!

Distance Learning Resources

Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Temporary Free Internet Service Programs

Watsonville Area
Spectrum Internet Assist
Available to qualified households.
See PVUSD’s form : https://sccoe.link/cruziopv
Offering Free Service for qualified families. Asking district to verify and collect initial information

Rest of Santa Cruz County
Xfinity WiFi Free for Everyone
Visit Xfinity.com/wifi
This means if neighbors have Xfinity they can turn on the hotspot and make it available to families next door! Here is how to direct families to turn it on: Will not affect home network and home network is safe!
Xfinity Home Internet: Low income families – Free home Internet
Offering Free Service for qualified families. Asking district to verify and collect initial information.

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Distance Learning
Mental Health & Wellness for Families
Structuring the Day
Digital Citizenship
Food Distribution Locations
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