• January 2022

    Independent Schools Review

    Independent Schools Serve the Whole Child By Suki Wessling At these independent schools, there’s a helping hand next to every potential crack, waiting to give a student a hand up. January is our Independent Schools issue, and every time I write an article for this issue, I’m reminded of my own family’s search for education that suited our kids’ needs. At one point another parent said to me, “We’re just sending our kids to the neighborhood school; we’re not picky about education.” But it isn’t always pickiness that sends parents looking for alternatives—it’s necessity. Although we often talk as if most kids are some imagined “average” student, all of us…

  • January 2022

    Self Esteem in Teens

    Secret to Building Self-Esteem in Teens By Susan Tatsui-D’Arcy Being a teen today has many complexities that the rest of us old folks never had to maneuver. We didn’t have 18 months of social isolation where most of our interpersonal interactions were spent perusing social media posts. We didn’t have bullies who hid behind digital screens while they blasted hateful messages and photos to us for everyone to see. Most of the teens I work with today suffer from depression and devastating self-esteem issues. Teens so desperately need to receive affirmations to feel that they’re normal. Whether it’s knowing that their favorite sweatshirt looks good on them or that they’re…

  • October 2021

    College Application Tips

    6 Tips for a Winning College Application by Susan Tatsui-D’Arcy College-bound seniors are off to a busy season as they juggle their 12th-grade classes and between 7-20 college applications. This year looks different because colleges are still reeling from COVID challenges with SATs and ACTS, campus tours, and interviews. Here are 6 tips to consider when organizing your college applications: Choose colleges based on the majors offered Most students make the mistake of choosing colleges based on their rankings or locations. Instead, research the majors you’re considering and choose the colleges that have programs that align with your interests. Check out their required courses and electives. You’ll be surprised to…

  • September 2021

    5 Tips Success

    5 Tips on Organizing Your Child for Success By Susan Tatsui-D’Arcy Organization with Merit PlannerAll kids (and parents too!) need structure. When they start school, they should have their own paper planner where they can enter homework, quizzes/tests, and project assignments as well as sports, clubs, and social events. I use the Merit Planner because it has 7 days (not just school days) that are divided into 30-minute segments starting at 6:00 am and ending at midnight. By entering in classes for the semester, they’ll have the structure to enter in homework, test, and project dates for each class. Homework and Study Skills While in class, your children can enter…

  • August 2021

    Grade Bump

    Need a Grade Bump? California Law Allows Students to Improve Grades after Disrupted Learning Last Year By Susan Tatsui-D’Arcy Finally, we’re facing the fact that students fell behind with all of the disruptions caused by the pandemic last year. In California, K-12 students have several ways to make up for the lost learning. 1. Repeat the Grade For students who didn’t pass at least half of their classes. 2. Replace Bad Grades with Pass/Fail For high school students only. California State Universities will accept these Pass/Fail grades. The University of California and private schools are encouraged to do the same. 3. Take a 5th Year For 11th and 12th grade…

  • June 2021

    Behind the Scenes

    Behind the Scenes: Santa Cruz County Office of Education Inside Education, May 2021 By Suki Wessling The final Inside Education meeting of the year featured three organizations that help kids and young adults get out and about in our community. The Department of Rehabilitation Student Services aims to help students with all types of disabilities transition from their education toward independence, employment, and a successful life. The DOR helps train students to be successful on the job and to have the tools and resources to live independently. Students 16-21 who have an IEP, 504 plan, or a disability can take part in their program, which matches students with a counselor…

  • May 2021

    Inside Ed April

    Inside Education April 2021 Moving Forward into Santa Cruz’s Educational Future BY suki wessling This month’s Inside Education took place days after the verdict from the Derek Chauvin trial was announced, and County Superintendent of Schools Faris Sabbah highlighted how that event mirrors the change that is taking place in our local schools. “The idea that we can claim that schools are apolitical is getting smaller and smaller,” Sabbah explained. “There is a great opportunity for us to reimagine our schools. It ties into our ability to uplift student voice and address inequity.” Santa Cruz County has received $100 million in one-time pandemic-related funding, and Sabbah says that the COE…

  • April 2021

    Inside Ed April 2021

    Cooking and Racial Justice Are you a community member who would be interested in getting an in-depth look at our local education system? Contact Les Forster at [email protected] to join Inside Education’s next round. Every year, the Santa Cruz County Office of Education welcomes a diverse group of locals—businesspeople, educators, government employees—to come together monthly and learn about education in Santa Cruz County. The program serves as a bridge between public education and the wider community, promoting understanding and connections to benefit both sides. This month’s Inside Education started with an important subject for parents to hear: the hot topic of “learning loss.” Debi Bodenheimer, Associate Superintendent of the County…

  • February 2021

    School Safety During Covid

    Face to Face: The Follow Up School Safety During Covid-19 by Jeanette Prather Demonstrating an admirable resilience in the face of a pandemic, students have adapted and adjusted to the times, and teachers have shown that their valiant efforts and unwavering passion can and will educate children across many platforms and over a variety of wavelengths. As local schools make a slow crawl aAs local schools make a slow crawl away from what was undoubtedly the strangest school year in modern history, they’re looking onward while trying to keep it together, safe, and “normal” for the kids.“Based on our experience with distance learning in the spring, there was little question…

  • January 2021

    Face to Face School

    Demonstrating an admirable resilience in the face of a pandemic, students have adapted and adjusted to the times, and teachers have shown that their valiant efforts and unwavering passion can and will educate children across many platforms and over a variety of wavelengths.