February 2022

Fave part of Preschool

By Mikayla Shults

This month, I spoke to kids from Green Acres preschool and Natural Bridges Children’s Center. Because of COVID, I was worried schools would never be swarming with happy children again. I was pleasantly surprised to see the kids at Green Acres filling the air with laughter. Immersing yourself in little kids’ lives is the best way to get to know them. It’s also a way to get some perspective when your communication methods need to be adjusted. While visiting Green Acres preschool, I helped build castles and learned the names of a few dinosaurs, and it did help me connect with these kids. Something was missing, though. Conversation can always be difficult with young children. Still, it’s even harder when you don’t speak the language they are most comfortable using. I felt like I was not getting to know who they were because of our language barrier. This trip changed my mindset towards working with kids and made me want to pursue that field in the future as a profession. I have been learning sign language at Cabrillo, but I want to start learning Spanish again. I am so thankful for these kids at Green Acres. They were the sweetest kids, and now readers get to see them in action!

Playing Outside


Natural Bridges Children’s Center

The Slide


Green Acres Preschool

Playing with Spikey-saurus


Green Acres Preschool

Play with Stamps


Green Acres Preschool

Play and Jump and Run


Green Acres Preschool



Natural Bridges Children’s Center

Playing Jurassic Park


Green Acres Preschool

Seeing Everyone at School


Natural Bridges Children’s Center

Playing with My Friends


Green Acres Preschool

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