Brad Kava
November 2019

Editor's Note

November 2019

One of our biggest goals for Growing Up in Santa Cruz is to celebrate the great things and people that come out of our county.

Every issue we find people to profile you might not have known about, who are local stars.

Last year, we covered Spring Hill School’s Invention Convention and now this year, the school has taken it to another level.

Brad Kava

These students, whose goal is to create inventions that can save the world, will have their work displayed at the Museum of Art and History. We love the way these students have held nothing back in their vision and their boldness in executing it. We know the future generations have to save the world and watching them gives us confidence that they can get it done.

Singer/songwriter Lindsey Wall is another local star bound for bigger things. Most people try and try to audition for American Idol, but the show contacted her after hearing one of her original songs on Spotify. She thought it was a prank when she got the email, but next thing she knew she was in auditions and performing in Hollywood.

She wrote a first-person story about her experience there and really peels back the curtain on what is an amazingly complex show that looks so easy on TV.

Karen Kefauver doesn’t just ride bikes and teach online marketing. She works with young girls to get them riding. Read about her experience with Little Bellas; it’s inspiring.

We asked nutritionist Kris Holden whether all these new smoothie shops were really healthy or this year’s version of frozen yogurt. You’ll have to read her Healthy Eating column for the answer.

Then there’s Cabrillo President Matt Wetstein who is looking to rebuild troubled buildings at the college and keep it first class. Voters will have their say in March.

There are so many other great stories inside: how to be safe on roller coasters; how to help teens get jobs; how to relieve stress for new parents; and how to organize school breakfasts; how to get your kids NOT to vape. And of course, the blessing of the pets.

Enjoy our November issue. Thanks for reading and for growing up with us in Santa Cruz.

Brad Kava
Jennifer Ford
Steve Dinnen

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