• breakfast time saving tips
    November 2019

    Breakfast Time Savers & Hacks: Get Organized November 2019

    Breakfast Time Savers & Hacks Get Organized: November 2019 By Jhoneé Fillmore School Day vs. Weekend The typical school morning is face paced. Many tasks must be done by the kiddos and adults for a successful school arrival. Let the family know in advance which breakfast items are available for school mornings versus weekend mornings. At our house, weekend mornings are for making french toast, baking muffins, making waffles or pancakes from scratch or something as simple as cooking bacon. School mornings however need to happen much more quickly so I limit the menu to: scrambled or fried eggs, frozen waffles, frozen pancakes, cereal, toast, instant oatmeal, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs,…

  • is juice or smoothies healthier
    November 2019

    Juice vs Smoothies, What’s Healthier? Healthy Eating November 2019

    Juice vs Smoothies, What’s Healthier? Healthy Eating November 2019 By Kris Holden There’s a lot of hype over juicing these days. More and more juice bars are opening and most grocery stores offer a variety of bottled fruit and vegetable juices. The latest trend seems to be cold-pressed juice. But, what is “cold-pressed juice,”? Are there more health benefits in drinking fresh pressed juice over drinking blended smoothies? Let’s start off by looking at the process and benefits of juicing.  Juicing 101 Juicing is the process of extracting the liquid from fruits and vegetables and discarding the skin, pulp and fiber. Without the fiber your digestive system doesn’t have to…

  • foster parenting adopting santa cruz
    November 2019

    Foster Parenting and Adopting is Like Crossing the Sea

    Foster Parenting and Adopting is Like Crossing the Sea By Amanda Firth This is the introduction to a short series about Foster Parenting and Adoption in Santa Cruz County. Proper names in the story have been changed for the privacy and protection of the children involved. I’m drowning over and over again. First there was paperwork, miles of forms and visits to our apartment by person after person. This mother walks the walk, adopting and fostering kids and taking on the toughest challenges. They arrived with briefcases, clipboards, forms, and delved into every cupboard and cabinet, every bit of history, and every personal value we had. They rifled through our…

  • Downtown Felton Association
    November 2019

    Downtown Felton Frolic

    Downtown Felton Frolic By Christina Wise The downtown Felton area has taken a decidedly decorative turn in recent years. The southern stretch of Highway 9 (from the Graham Hill intersection) is dotted with darling shops that call to the eye of stylish dressers and the spirit of gift-givers.  From the crystals and gems at Mountain Spirit to the vintage and consignment items at Tomboy Outpost to the carefully curated collections at Simpatico, shoppers are drawn to the homespun charm of Felton anytime of year—but especially in November. On Saturday, November 30th, Felton celebrates Small Business Saturday (a national movement to promote local shopping) by rolling out the red carpet with…

  • Santa Cruz County job shadowing
    November 2019

    Medical Technician Students Tour Santa Cruz County 911 Center: Career Pathways November 2019

    Medical Technician Students Tour Santa Cruz County 911 Center Career Pathways: November 2019 By Mary Gaukel Forster Workplace tours can be powerful early career awareness activities for students, helping them learn not only about specific careers but about their own preferences and values.   Nowadays tours can be virtual or in-person, increasing the opportunities to get an inside look at careers and workplaces. We are fortunate to have many local and digital opportunities in Santa Cruz County and I am sharing a sampling to get you started. Parents can help provide these experiences and enrich them by asking open-ended questions.  When asking these questions you are helping your child to…

  • divorce on a budget
    November 2019

    Divorce on a Budget

    Divorce on a Budget By Bob Derber and Judge Paul Marigonda Many people want to divorce but think they can’t afford it. Attorneys are not cheap.  If you have limited assets and can agree about most matters – property division and issues surrounding the children – you have low-cost alternatives. One alternative is our Superior Court’s free Self-Help Center, which can guide you through the divorce process. Center staff can’t give you legal advice, but they can help you through the process which can be confusing.  If you have been there already, you know their time is limited, and you might consider a more personal approach. If you and your…

  • critical thinking kids santa cruz
    November 2019

    Happy and Successful Kids Life Skill 5: Critical Thinking

    Happy and Successful Kids Life Skill 5: Critical Thinking By Jan Pierce Everyday life involves a lot of problem-solving. How do you encourage your children to get along with others? What’s the best way to help your child learn to manage their time and select appropriate activities? Should you let your kids play video games and which ones are off-limits? Without realizing it, you’re making logical decisions every day, and your kids need to learn how to make sound, logical decisions as well. Thinking logically helps kids get balance. Not just in their social and emotional lives, but in their reading, their writing, and their math and science explorations as…

  • Cabrillo College infrastructure bond
    November 2019

    Cabrillo Returns to Voters for Support This Spring

    Cabrillo Returns to Voters for Support This Spring By Suki Wessling In 2016, local voters narrowly rejected a bond to improve Cabrillo College’s infrastructure. The argument against the measure seemed to focus on what current Cabrillo President Matt Wetstein, hired in 2017, calls “our reverse curb appeal problem.” “The college looks great from Soquel Drive, but we have all these decaying infrastructure issues,” Wetstein explains. Brad Kava interviews Matt Wetstien on Talk of the Bay. Photo by Kristin Fabos As an example, he details the headache of last summer’s emergency repairs to the building that houses the cafeteria as well as a variety of student services. A major sewer pipe…

  • Santa Cruz American Idol
    November 2019

    Behind the Scenes at American Idol

    Behind the Scenes at American Idol By Lindsey Wall Early last summer, I opened my email to find an unread message from a talent producer who works for ABC’s American Idol. When I first saw it, I was in disbelief. I thought maybe this was a scam. But I soon realized this was a personalized email written to me. She wrote about a song I had written that she heard on Spotify and said she was taken by the writing and artistry. Santa Cruz Idol Lindsey Wall, 26, still has a day job selling flowers in midtown, but still travels the country as a singer/songwriter. Photo by Brad Kava She…

  • holidays Santa Cruz
    November 2019

    Let the Happy, Hectic Holidays Begin! Ask Nicole November 2019

    Let the Happy, Hectic Holidays Begin! Ask Nicole: November 2019 By Nicole M. Young, MSW I grew up in a family of six, which meant that holiday gatherings were always loud and hectic, even if they only involved my immediate family. When my siblings and I started having our own families, holiday gatherings at my parents’ house were like a carnival, an all-you-can-eat buffet, and a soap opera all at once. Lots of games and laughter, constant eating, and the inevitable tantrum – from children or adults. It was sensory overload at times, but I kind of miss those happy, hectic holidays. This monthly column provides tips for anyone who’s…

  • Spring Hill School Santa Cruz
    November 2019

    Students Create Inventions to Save the World

    Students Create Inventions to Save the World By Suki Wessling “It looks like some good work has been done here,” announces Spring Hill School Principal Casey Ryan. He’s just walked into a large classroom that resembles a bombed-out craft store.  “You can always tell the successful classroom when there’s a bit of a mess to clean up,” he says. Students at Spring Hill had just spent the morning making prototypes—working alone, in pairs, or groups. Photo by Jules Holdsworth. Teacher T. Jesse Riley, in charge of the Design Lab, is a huge influence on getting kids from concept to finished project.  It was Launch Day for their Invention Convention, a…

  • small business Saturday Santa Cruz
    November 2019

    Shop Green and Small on Small Business Saturday!

    Shop Green and Small on Small Business Saturday! By Dyani West and Brooke Wright The busiest shopping season is about to start when families and Santa Claus will spend billions of dollars on clothes, electronics, and gifts for the family and friends. As more and more consumers are choosing to shop online with big businesses, countless packages are shipped from across the world, oftentimes wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam packaging that will go straight to the landfill upon arrival.  Fortunately, there are ways that families in Santa Cruz can make a difference to help their communities and environment while enjoying a day in their community.  Shop at local Certified Green…

  • Holy Cross School Santa Cruz
    November 2019

    All Dogs Go to Heaven (Cats, Snakes, Turtles and Fish too)

    All Dogs Go to Heaven (Cats, Snakes, Turtles and Fish too) Blessings at Holy Cross School There is nothing like the blessing of the animals, in honor of the Feast of St. Patrick, at Holy Cross School in Santa Cruz on October 4. Students and parents brought dozens and dozens of pets to be blessed by Bishop Danny Garcia, who reminded the kids that they were stewards of the Earth and animals and it was their duty to help protect both. By Brad Kava. Bishop Danny Garcia gave a serious environmental speech and then had a ball blessing the animals with holy water. Bishop Garcia was installed as Bishop of…

  • Little Bellas biking Santa Cruz
    November 2019

    Small Bikes, Big Confidence: Extremely Sports November 2019

    Small Bikes, Big Confidence Girls Take to the Trails in Little Bellas Program Extremely Sports: November 2019 By Karen Kefauver When I first considered volunteering with the Little Bellas program in Santa Cruz, I thought, ‘I don’t have time!’ Then I reconsidered: Just like chocolate and peanut butter, the combo of mountain biking and mentoring sounded irresistible. I took a closer look at the eight-week commitment on Sunday afternoons in Scotts Valley and learned that Little Bellas is a national program for women mentoring girls on mountain bikes. I felt proud that Santa Cruz, our cycling mecca, had its own chapter. After I talked to the leadership crew, helmed by…

  • kids health and vaping
    November 2019

    Vaping and Your Child’s Health: What Parents Need to Know

    Vaping and Your Child’s Health What Parents Need to Know By Tara Leonard, MPH Our country is experiencing two disturbing crises related to vaping. First, there’s an ongoing epidemic of youth using flavored nicotine products, including e-cigarettes. Public health officials have been speaking out on this issue for several years with growing alarm. Second, there’s an outbreak of vaping-associated pulmonary illnesses which began this past summer. As of mid-October, there were 1,299 cases nationwide with 29 deaths and those numbers are likely to rise.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), patients report cough, chest pain, difficulty breathing, fever and weakness. Many experience severe lung injury requiring…

  • learning through art
    November 2019

    Natural Learners: Behind the Desk November 2019

    Natural Learners Behind the Desk: November 2019 By Lisa Catterall Children are naturally well-wired and driven to learn. The moment we try to teach them, we have already failed. – Bhanu Potta We are makers. I have been lucky enough to spend 32 of my 46 years around some of the most imaginative influencers in education, learning by osmosis and doing all the math they need to show off their research. Instead of babysitting, I made money by creating spreadsheets of STAR test scores comparing classrooms with new innovative techniques to more old fashioned ones. When there wasn’t childcare, which was often, my young professor father dragged me into meetings…

  • resources for parents Santa Cruz
    November 2019

    Working On It: Birth Matters November 2019

    Working On It Birth Matters: November 2019 By Laura Maxson LM Parents work hard – there is no question about it.  It is a constant juggle to keep schedules running smoothly.  Different ages and stages of family life have differing needs, as do the wide variety of family units – single parent, blended families big or small, teens to newborns.  Families are all unique. What is not so unique, however, is how overbooked and overwhelmed many parents feel.   While the first weeks as a new family can be exhausting – at least it is expected.  If parents-to-be have been paying any attention in childbirth class, to their midwives, doulas and…

  • amusement park lost stuff
    November 2019

    Secure Those Articles: Always Amused November 2019

    Secure Those Articles Cell phones, hats are dangerous on rides Always Amused: November 2019 By Erik Chalhoub “Loose articles” — The term sounds like the name of a ‘90s-era grunge band or a poorly-fact-checked news piece. In fact, it is a scourge that is afflicting theme parks across the nation, and it’s getting worse. The good and bad news? We are to blame. But that also means we can be part of the solution. Loose articles refer to anything you bring with you: cell phones, wallets, sunglasses, hats, keys, change and any other knick-knack that is small enough to carry easily. When guests take these things on a ride without…

  • santa cruz holiday gift guide
    November 2019

    Guide: Santa Cruz Holiday Gift and Events Guide

    Santa Cruz Holiday Gift and Events Guide Shop Small Capulet Downtown Felton capuletshop.com A curated shop in the Santa Cruz mountains featuring new, used, and vintage clothing for women, men, and kids. Also stocking a variety of wares by local artists and makers, and an extensive CBD and natural apothecary selection. This holiday seasons we have gifts for everyone on your list and we are super excited about our build your own gift basket section! Tomboy Outpost Downtown Felton Western wear and vintage clothing for kids, men and women. Find one of a kind treasures from out selection of curated jewelery and local artist. CC Apothecary ccapothecary.net Handcrafted, Felton based…