Santa Cruz AB 1482
October 2019

Letters October 2019


My name is Séverine. I’m French and few days ago I was in California for my summer holidays. During my trip, I made a stop at Santa Cruz and I ate at Charlie Hong Kong.

There, I found your September magazine, and the cover photography was so cool that I took one to realize a poster for my home.

I wanted to put it on a frame. Only for my personnal use, only to have a souvenir.

I love the California light on it, the color and even the typography and what’s written, school, grand parents…

Anyway, I lost it at the airport … So today I try to remember the name of it and I found you out 🙂

I would like to know if you can send to me by email the September cover of your magazine?

It would be very kind as I told you before, it’s not for a commercial purpose of course , only for my personnel l use.

Best regards,
Mlle Gautheron Séverine


Less than a year ago, Californians voted no on Proposition 10, which would have repealed Costa-Hawkins. Costa-Hawkins was passed in 1995 and curbed the proliferation of rent control throughout the state. Californians overwhelmingly voted NO on Prop 10, crushing it with 59% against, 41% in favor.

Santa Cruz AB 1482

Now, the powers that be in Sacramento are hard at work on overturning the will of the voters and establishing statewide rent control – WITH just cause evictions. This is bad news for everyone. California desperately needs new housing – which, should enough actually be produced, would work to bring down the cost of rent (and housing in general). Enacting rent control will only serve to decrease housing construction and encourage landlords to pull their rentals off the market, restricting rental supply (and therefore, ironically, causing rent prices to increase).

I called both my California Senator and my Assemblyman to voice my opposition. It’s super easy to do, only takes a couple minutes. I will show you how it’s done, check this out:

How to Ask your Representatives to Vote No on AB 1482

There’s a video of me in there smiling and dialing – I encourage you to do the same, and ask that you invite your friends and family to do the same.

I thank you for hearing me out and hopefully taking the time to let your representatives know where you stand.

Seb Frey

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