September 2018

Around Town September 2018

Gift of Straight Teeth

On Friday, August 3, a young woman’s life was changed forever. Dr. Brian Schabel and Dr. Vivian Chan, a husband and wife team of orthodontists and owners of North Coast Orthodontics in Capitola, gave a 16 year old foster child the gift of a lifetime: free orthodontic treatment.

Earlier this year, the orthodontists launched a new community initiative they coined, ‘Spread the Aloha.’ Through this program, they will be giving back to the community on a grander scale. The first ‘Spread the Aloha’ initia- tive was a free braces giveaway. The community was encouraged to nominate a deserving individual to receive free orthodontic care at North Coast Orthodontics. Over 100 nominations were submitted and the doctors along with a judg- ing panel, chose Mikaylah. Mikaylah has had a tremendously difficult life so far. Her story touched the hearts of North Coast Orthodontics. Mikaylah was nominated for free treatment by both her social worker and teacher. When asked what she would do if she won the lottery, Mikaylah told her teacher she would fix her smile. The orthodontists, the team at North Coast Orthodontics, and those closest to Mikaylah surprised her at what she thought was a new patient consultation.

“It was truly touching to see her expression when she learned that she was the recipient of this award. This young woman is very deserving of this life-changing treatment. We can’t wait to watch her smile and her confidence transform,” says Dr. Schabel.

Dr. Brian Schabel and Dr. Vivian Chan have launched their second ‘Spread the Aloha’ initiative which will honor our local heroes. To nominate a local hero who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, please visit

Scotts Valley All Girls Cub Scouts Pack 673 Invites Girls Ages K–5 to Join

In the spring of 2018, The Boy Scouts of America opened the doors of its flagship elementary-age character development program letting young girls join Cub Scouts for the first time since starting in 1914. Girls are now having the same opportunities that boys have had in the 100-plus year history of BSA in the US, and what many countries have been doing for decades as coed scouting programs.

“There are several local Full Family Cub Scout Packs but Pack 673 is the only all-girl Cub Scout Pack in the region including Santa Cruz county and the Silicon Valley/Monterey Bay Area.

When we opened our pack we had just nine girls and we quickly grew into one of the largest all-girl packs in the country,” said Christine Wilkinson, Pack 673 Committee Chair. “Pack 673 incorporates all the great things scouting has to offer from leadership to first aid, citizen- ship to camping and survival skills, and just lots of fun, all around. We’re looking forward to expanding and welcoming new members into our dens.”

Pack 673 has a strong theme of environmental stewardship and outdoor recreation. With all the wonderful parks and open spaces all around the Santa Cruz Mountains, members have many opportunities to get outside to enjoy, learn about, and take care of the region.

Since the Charter Signing in February of 2018 the girls have already had a wide range of experiences. Learning and practicing to be good stewards of the Earth through performing community service, learning leave no trace principals, character development as well as mental and physical fitness. Activities this spring and summer included attending the Puppetry Institute, Pinewood Derby, Scout- o-Rama, Day Cub Camp with Nature Lodge, Felton Fire House visit, with a female firefighter, community service project for Native Animal Rescue, San Jose Giants game overnight camping on the ball field, and starting the Monterey Bay Hikers Program; completing the Nisene Marks Hike.

Pack 673 is inclusive for all types of girls and families. Social skills and individual growth is an impor- tant piece of Pack 673 and the pack is working towards individual and common goals including team building, life skills, self-reliance, resilience and encouraging adventure. Families join Cub Scouts for a variety of reasons. Fathers are excited to share their scouting experience with their daughters. Some families may be new to the area or have children with mild special needs and Pack 673 provides an inclusive social net- work. Pack 673 also facilitates an education for those who love nature and want to go hiking or camping but aren’t sure where to go or what equipment is needed with kids. Pack 673 members also join for the chance to experience something new, to earn awards and participate in community service projects.

Cub Scout Pack 673 is welcoming new members to join and is hosting a Sign Up Night at La Madrona Athletic Club on Tuesday, September 4 at 6 p.m. All girls in the Santa Cruz County area in grades Kindergarten through 5th are eligible.

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