September 2018

September Student Art

Ivory, 10, did this mixed media art on canvas at Cherryvale Art Farm. The underwater scene combines collage and acrylic painting.
This 5 by 6 inch acrylic and water color drawing is by Mata Overby, 9, a third grader at Tara Redwood School as part of the Creative Compassionate Cultures program. Mata says “It Is the perfection of the colors in the rainbow and it reminds her of all the colors that are represented with the CCC,” according to her teacher Lisa Dreyer-Campiglia.
Fifth grader Jianna Muzzio’s owl painting was done at Good Shepherd School and was on display at Cafe Ella in Watsonville. It will be displayed through the fall at Ella’s at the Airport, with other student art work.
This card is also part of the Compassionate Cards series from Tara Redwood School. Artist Ethan Ankeny just graduated from Tara and it is a watercolor and ink, 5x7.

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