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June 2019

Stars Therapy Services: Supporting Children and Families

The relationship between you and your child is at the heart of our intervention services. We focus on parent education, family involvement, and natural routines to encourage a child’s growth across the five areas of human development. The staff at Stars Therapy Services are on a mission to empower and support parents because parents know their unique little one best.


stars therapy services

When your child feels safe and loved, they grow and learn! Social and emotional development describes children’s ability to experience and express their feelings, form relationships, and explore the world around them. Social and emotional development is the foundation for all other learning. Stars Therapy Services intervention model is based on playing with you and your child during our sessions. We will hide and seek and laugh and make funny faces and silly noises to help your child learn how to wait, take turns, share, make friends and resolve conflicts. It may look simple, but there is a lot of growth going on while children play.

Sing, read and laugh with your child! Loving relationships change your child’s brain for the better. Your job after we leave the session is to just have a lot of fun with your child as you practice the strategies and interactions the child development specialists have developed with you. We understand that parenting is not always easy! Parents with young children who have delays or disabilities need extra support. Behavior, communication and physical challenges can feel overwhelming. The Stars Therapy Services team is here to help you!

We offer a suite of support for whole families.

• Free initial assessments for infants and toddlers to determine eligibility for Early Start services in Santa Cruz County.

• Early Intervention services for children ages 0-3 which are completely funded by the San Andreas Regional Center.

• Intensive Intervention Services for children ages 0-3 which are completely funded by the San Andreas Regional Center.

• Applied Behavior Analysis services for children who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis

• Speech and Language Pathology

• Occupational Therapy

Stars Therapy Services provides inhome and clinic-based services for children with developmental delays in Santa Cruz County.

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