July 2020

Sarah Jane

Local Artist and Mother Giving Back Through Art

When shelter in place started, I decided I would offer online painting classes through facebook to help parents at home fill time for their kids. These are still available and free at paint live with Sarah Jane. When George Floyd was murdered and more stories began to emerge of the wrongful deaths of POC, I felt awoken but powerless. I have two little kids at home and didn’t feel safe marching. So I took to the canvas. I put my heart and love into a memorial portrait of Breonna Taylor to be auctioned off and raise money for the BLM movement. Most recently when Deputy Gutzwiller was tragically killed, his friends came to me to create some art to put onto shirts and stickers. I did not know this man but was thankful for his service and grateful to be able to give back in any way I could.

I hope the small things in this life that I can do for people with what little I have, can show my kids that you can use your own talents and strengths to stand up for what you believe in, to help others in time of need and to give back. That is why they are gifts. To be given.

You can follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahjaneroner or @sarahjanermama, on Facebook @Sarah Jane Morabito, and visit her website sarahjaneartanddesign.com

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