May 2021

Martina Goulart

May Artist of the Month

When I was 15, I lived in a different country. The time, place, and culture made me believe that drawing and painting was childish and it wasn’t going to get me anywhere in my life. I gave up on my dream, and moved on to a more practical path in my career. Luckily, I didn’t give up on my dreams to travel. A few years later, I moved to California, where I could truly be who I really was, an artist.

Now residing in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a great community and stunning nature. In my artwork I explore the reactions of the human mind and body to color, texture and images derived from nature as a vehicle for visual relaxation. No matter how hard life gets, my artwork has always been positive and a source of a great strengths.

Having three wonderful children made me realize how much I love teaching art. I created and published The Sight Words Coloring Book that is not only a coloring book, but also supports reading and math. I teach my art students not just art techniques, but mainly creative and critical thinking, how to communicate through art and much more. I am very thankful for the WCSA principal, Amy Thomas, who keeps on challenging me with projects for her school. Just at the beginning of 2020 I have designed and painted the Sensory Paths Mural at WCSA – a painted obstacle course encompassing PE, reading, math, art history and social-emotional learning. Few months later I painted an inspirational mural at the Pajaro Middle School. All my projects are very personalized and meaningful, even my online paint-along must fit the audience.

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