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Brad and JenTo say these are confusing times is an understatement. With all of our scientific knowledge and advancement, a pandemic has sent us back to a primitive world, when family and tribes were central to life. Despite the high tech gadgets that keep us linked, there are still the daily questions: What comes next? When can we see our friends? Is it safe outside? What will school be like when and if it opens?
The only reassuring note we saw in the news today was the Disneyland is planning to open in the middle of July.

At least that was a smile we could pass on to the kids…although, like so many of the other deadlines we’ve heard about, there’s no guarantee of that either. But at least it had some optimism we could share.

For some, sheltering in place has been positive. They are doing the things they might do in social situations online, thanks to technology created just over the hill from us. They are working out, dancing, having happy hours, taking art classes, singing, even playing music with stitched together bands.
Others have found it hard to get motivated without their social networks of friends and extended families. It’s kind of like jail, without the time in the yard or communal meals.

Either way, it’s been a challenge and one we want to suggest that you document for your ancestors because no doubt they will be asking for centuries what people did during the 2020 Pandemic. Keep a journal. Make videos. Take notes to show the kids, grandkids and great, great, great, grandkids down the road.

Growing Up in Santa Cruz keeps trying to be essential, to let you know what you can do while the world around you is torn apart. We are documenting good deeds done during COVID-19 and have plenty of advice for how to care for your kid in the crisis.
Writer and teacher Suki Wessling put together a great story about how distance learning can work well. It’s a map for when and if this happens again. Therapist Nicole Young answers a question from a single dad who worries that his kids are staying in place too much, spending too much time locked in their rooms. Her answers are worth the price of admission to our periodical (OK, it’s free, but worth far more.)

Tenth grader Grace Timan tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth about attending distance classes. It’s a must for teachers, parents and students.
Did you hear the one about the city meetings held on Zoom that were interrupted by perverts? Sad, but true. Erik Chalhoub has important information how to keep your meetings safe. Speaking of safety, now is the time to start taking actions against fires. We have a column helping with that.

Good habits die too easily, especially without the routine of going to school. Luckily, we have an important article by Dr. Sepideh Taghvaei, with some tips on how to get kids to continue brushing.

Dealing with grief is tough anytime and Linda Kay, one of the smartest and most compassionate people we know, has advice for those suffering.

Then, there are the Santa Cruz graduates of all levels. We honor them with some photos and articles about their futures.

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Brad Kava, Jennifer Ford
and Steve Dinnen

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