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January 2020

Upgrades Coming to Local Parks

County Scoop: January 2020

By Zach Friend, County Supervisor

Many parks in the mid and south county haven’t been fully updated in quite some time. Over time, equipment has become safer, more interactive and also more inclusive – ensuring that children of all abilities have the ability to play in our parks.

Zach Friend Santa Cruz County Supervisor

Over the last few years we’ve begun to upgrade many local parks and new plans are in the works. Here is an overview of some of the recent upgrades as well as what’s planned for parks in the mid and south county.

LEO’s Haven at Chanticleer Park

Phase one of the County’s first all-inclusive playground for children of all abilities is well under construction and anticipated to open in the coming year. Park improvements include a new inclusive play area, a new parking area, a new restroom building, off-leash dog areas, bike pump track, community garden and more.

leo's haven santa cruz

LEO’s Haven is a remarkable community-County partnership that will ensure that all kids – regardless of ability – will have a place to play in our County. It grand opening is 10-11:30a.m. Jan. 18 at 1975 Canticleer Ave. Santa Cruz.

Seacliff Village Park

When the first phase of Seacliff Village Park opened a few years ago it was the start of fulfilling a promise that had been made to the community well over a decade ago. That promise was for a neighborhood park for all ages and interests that would include a playground, skateable art feature, walking trail, public art, restrooms and other community-focused features.

seacliff village park

Recently, some of these elements have come closer to reality and over the next few months new upgrades will be coming to Seacliff Village Park. Working in partnership with the non-profit Friends of Santa Cruz County Parks and community funders we anticipate a new skate feature to be installed. Additionally, the County just approved funding for new permanent restrooms at the park. 

Hidden Beach Park

We joined with County Parks and the Rio Del Mar Improvement Association for a recent outreach meeting to discuss upgrades to Hidden Beach Park. This park is a local jewel and has created memories for many in Aptos. The park needs some upgrades and the focus here is on ensuring that options exist for kids of multiple age ranges (to ensure that they don’t age out of the park as quickly) as well as kids with differing abilities (as the park doesn’t have many inclusive options) be included.

Joining in partnership with some local community members that are helping fundraise for the park, the County is looking at options that could see a groundbreaking in late winter or early spring. New climbing options, new safe surfaces, modern and safer equipment are all part of the initial thought process. But your feedback is important and any ideas you might have for the park would be appreciated! 

Pinto Lake Park

Last year we were able to place a new pump track at Pinto Lake Park – the first pump track in south county. The pump track has varying areas of challenge to encourage young riders as well as older kids to use the space. It’s integrated just across the parking lot from the popular soccer fields, which gives another recreational option for families using the picnic areas or soccer fields. 

How can I learn more about the Friends of Santa Cruz County Parks? Visit www.countyparkfriends.org. Interested in learning more about our local parks? You can download the free My Santa Cruz County app from the app store or visit the County Parks website at www.scparks.com

As always, I welcome your feedback. Feel free to stop by my open office hours in Aptos, Corralitos, Watsonville or Seascape or give me a call at 454-2200.

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