• September 2020

    Theme Park Season

    Covid-19 Claims 2020 Theme Park Season By Erik Chalhoub Because 2020 won’t stop rearing its ugly head, the California theme park season is essentially over, despite the fact that it’s still summer. It’s September, but the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s rides remain closed, and likely will continue to be so through the rest of the year as the public health order is in effect indefinitely. California’s Great America and Gilroy Gardens, which never opened in 2020, announced in August that they will forget about this year and instead focus on 2021. Disneyland thought it was going to reopen in July, but pulled the plug as Covid-19 cases began to rise…

  • Brad and Jen
    September 2020

    Editors Note Sept

    September Editor’s Note BY Brad kava Sometimes it seems like things can’t get any worse. Covid-19, deadly fires, a crashing economy, a country torn apart with Civil War-like ferocity…what’s a Santa Cruz parent supposed to do? While family magazines have gone out of business across the country during this time, the staff at Growing Up in Santa Cruz thinks it’s the most important time to keep going and get people information that can help them deal with troubling times. We will continue printing a physical magazine, distributed for free around the county and an online version, thanks to the support of dedicated and loyal advertisers. This issue helps answer a…

  • Firefigtersback burning
    September 2020

    Fires and Real Estate

    What’s the Future of Real Estate After the Fires? BY SEB FREY It’s a nightmare. That’s really the best word I can come up with to describe the fire burning still in Santa Cruz as I write this. Cal Fire calls it the CZU Lighting Complex Fire, but I find that name really cumbersome, and too clinical. Calling it that, for me, disassociates the inferno from the communities and the lives that it’s torched. A week or so ago, an acquaintance of mine posted on Facebook that he thought this fire would be remembered as the worst thing to happen to Santa Cruz county since the Loma Prieta Earthquake of…