January 2023

About the Cover

The two students pictured, a sixth grader and a first grader, are participating in one of Spring Hill School’s buddy activities. Having a buddy helps younger students feel secure and looked out for as they learn from a role model, while older students learn from leading by example and exercising compassion.

Spring Hill School is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year! Since 1977, this kindergarten through sixth grade school has cultivated engaged and inspired learners. We foster a community of students and families who create a supportive environment through inclusion, compassion, and embracing diverse perspectives.

Through a versatile curriculum and a Design Thinking approach, Spring Hill keeps pace with each student, tapping into their intrinsic motivation and fully preparing them for middle school and beyond. From one year to the next, teachers are responsive to the individual learning path of their students while providing a shared classroom experience among peers. 

Students and families at Spring Hill experience a sense of belonging that comes from every teacher knowing every student, from all of the students knowing each other regardless of age or grade and through ongoing partnership with parents and guardians.
Learn more at springhillschool.org.

About the photographer: Norma Calderón, Spanish & Cultural Studies Teacher, often takes photos for Spring Hill. She possesses a true community spirit and an eye for magic moments!

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